CDC for Alumnae

Building community around career.

The Career Development Center is here to serve and connect our alumnae to the college, our office, and each other by providing opportunities for meaningful and specialized engagement that builds a community around career.

We empower and promote Mount Holyoke College alumnae.

More than a statement—it's a commitment to help you succeed in the workforce. Whether it's helping you develop your own skills or enabling you to reach back and lift up the next generation of leaders, you'll find it all right here.

High Five Alumnae Program Logo

Our comprehensive High Five alumnae program offers you five ways to engage and five ways to be supported in your professional journey:

  1. Pay it forward by sharing with students your experiences and career opportunities, participating in or making connections for events, and network building.
  2. Alumnae community to help you stay in touch and share career advice with fellow recent alumnae via webinars, regional events, or our book club.
  3. Skill development through professional career resources tailored specifically to meet your unique needs as an alumna, including information on graduate or professional school.
  4. Personalized advising from a dedicated alumnae advisor for graduates of the last five years. More than five years out? We can still help to connect you with resources.
  5. College connections to link you back to other Mount Holyoke departments, panel events, and opportunities to stay involved in your Mount Holyoke community.

Let's keep in touch.

The Alumnae Engagement Team will send out career advice, resources and information about upcoming events through the Laurel Chain email to connect alumnae to each other and students on campus.

Can't wait?

Give our Alumnae Engagement Team a call at 413‑538‑2080 or fill out our information form to get started!