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In partnership with Smith College, we bring you a book series that focuses on your career. This series, called Connecting Conversations, will feature books on career change, women’s leadership, entrepreneurship and making the most of your twenties.

To join the MHC Reads group, you simply need to start reading the book and join in on the conversation with your fellow alumnae on Facebook or&LinkedIn. The list of books for 2015-2016 is below; the spring 2017 book will be announced soon! If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Happy reading!

Connecting Conversations List of Books 2015-2016
"Do the KIND Thing" book cover

January - March
Do the KIND Thing
By Daniel Lunetzky
In Do the KIND Thing, Lubetzky shares the revolutionary principles that have shaped KIND’s business model and led to its success, while offering an unfiltered and intensely personal look into the mind of a pioneering social entrepreneur. Inspired by his father, who survived the Holocaust thanks to the courageous kindness of strangers, Lubetzky began his career hand selling a sun-dried tomato spread made collaboratively by Arabs and Jews in the war-torn Middle East. Despite early setbacks, he never lost his faith in his vision of a “not-only-for-profit” business—one that sold great products and helped to make the world a better place.

While other companies let circumstances force them into choosing between two seemingly incompatible options, people at KIND say “AND.” Engaging and inspirational, Do the KIND Thing shows how the power of AND worked wonders for one company—and could empower the next generation of social entrepreneurs to improve their bottom line and change the world.
Author Bio
Daniel Lubetzky is a pioneering social entrepreneur known for integrating social objectives with sustainable market-driven forces to forge new business models that build bridges between people. He is the CEO and founder of KIND Healthy Snacks and the KIND Movement, founder of PeaceWorks and OneVoice, and cofounder of the apparel company Maiyet. Lubetzky has received numerous awards and recognitions for his humanitarian efforts and his business practices. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and four children.

"The Defining Decade: Why your twenties matter – and how to make the most of them now" book club

March - June
The Defining Decade: Why your twenties matter – and how to make the most of them now
By Meg Jay, PhD
Drawing from more than ten years of work with hundreds of twentysomething clients and students, Dr. Jay weaves the science of the twentysomething years with compelling, behind-closed-doors stories from twentysomethings themselves. She shares what psychologists, sociologists, neurologists, reproductive specialists, human resources executives, and economists know about the unique power of our twenties and how they change our lives. The result is a provocative and sometimes poignant read that shows us why our twenties do matter. Our twenties are a time when the things we do–and the things we don’t do–will have an enormous effect across years and even generations to come.
Author Bio
Dr. Jay is a clinical psychologist, author, and speaker who specializes in adult development. She is an clinical assistant professor at the University of Virginia and maintains a private practice in Charlottesville, Virginia. Dr. Jay’s book, The Defining Decade, was a 2012 Staff Pick and her 2013 TED talk “Why 30 Is Not the New 20″ has been viewed more than 2 million times. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Forbes, Psychology Today, and NPR.

Dr. Jay earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, and in gender studies, from the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Jay has served as a fellow for the American Psychoanalytic Association, the Center for the Study of Sexual Cultures, and the Robert Stoller Foundation. Dr. Jay earned a B.A. with High Distinction in psychology from University of Virginia. She spent her own early twenty-something years as an Outward Bound instructor.

"Make Way For Women" book cover

September - October 2015
Make Way for Women
By John Keyser and Adrienne Hand
Summary: In this book, Keyser profiles 45 respected male and female business leaders who share vital insights about the way women lead and the best ways for men and women to lead together. Senior leaders who read this book will gain the assurance that advancing women to the C-Suite is the right thing and the smart thing to do, and they will take away specific practices to make it happen. Make Way for Women clearly documents how companies are excelling with women in executive positions and demonstrates how to bring gender balance to leadership.
Author Bios
John Keyser is the founder and CEO of Common Sense Leadership, a leadership consulting and coaching firm. He held senior leadership positions with Johnson & Higgins, Marsh & McLennan, the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation and the Georgetown University Medical Center. He is a graduate of Georgetown University and Georgetown’s Institute for Transformational Leadership.

John has a passion for coaching, and is committed to helping businesswomen advance to the C-suites. John works with senior executives striving to become highly effective leaders – and their best selves. He helps them energize organizational culture by initiating conversations and sharing ideas that inspire teamwork. He has a sincere desire to help executives appreciate the quality of their relationships with their clients and teammates – their internal clients. Empathy, conscious listening, earning trust and kindness are his trademarks.
Now in the Washington, D.C. area, John has previously lived in Chicago and New York. He treasures his relationships with his family and friends.
Adrienne Hand is an essayist, editor and thinking partner who co-authors books and articles for publication. She was formerly marketing manager at Dartmouth College’s Hood Museum of Art, and is currently working with Washington, DC leadership coach John Keyser on a series of leadership books. Adrienne is also editor at The Antiquities Coalition in Washington, DC. She is a strong advocate of full gender parity in U.S. business leadership by 2025.
Adrienne lives in Bethesda, Maryland with her husband, two teenagers and too many pets.

"Life’s a Bitch and then You Change Careers" book cover

November - December 2015
Life’s a Bitch and then You Change Careers
By Andrea Kay
Designed for career changers of every age, this life-changing book works like a one-on-one counseling session, showing you how to discover and create a career that fits your life and who you are-not what others think you should be. You’ll discover how to have more meaning, more control and less stress in your life and work.
Author Bio
Andrea Kay helps people get excited about jumping out of bed and raring to go to work. Andrea specializes in “Career Therapy.” She is incessantly curious and quickly gets to the heart of an issue, then creates strategies to help people get what they want. She does this for CEOs, millionaires, corporate warriors, writers, real estate moguls, entrepreneurs and people who take their careers seriously.

She has worked with people who ended up being CFOs of major companies, sales and marketing executives, artists and successful entrepreneurs and has helped CEOs, financial managers, Hollywood producers and teachers discover new, satisfying careers. She has developed a reputation as a workplace observer and outspoken supporter of taking personal responsibility for your career and is widely quoted and interviewed.