America Reads/America Counts

Do You Want to be an America Reads/Counts Tutor?

The America Reads/Counts program is an off-campus work study program which places MHC students in local schools and educational programs to provide much-needed tutoring in math and reading.  This program works much like the regular Off-Campus Work study program, with the following exceptions:

  • If you are offered a position, have your new supervisor complete theAmerica Reads/Counts Work Study Agreement Form. Return this form to the CDC. You may not begin working until you have submitted this form to the CDC.
  • Once hired, you may only do tutoring in math or reading. No other type of work is eligible for the America Reads/Counts Program.
  • Go to the Five College America Reads/America Counts website to learn more.

For Employers: America Reads/Counts Partners

Elementary schools, pre-schools and after-school programs are eligible to participate in the Five College America Reads Program.; MHC students working in the America Reads/Counts program receive basic training in tutoring and behavior management and are available to tutor pre-school and elementary school children in reading and/or math. Participating organizations are responsible only for training and supervision; 100% of the student's wage is paid by Mount Holyoke College and the Federal America Reads/Counts Program.

Contact Janice Kane for an information packet and to participate.