Co-sponsorship Funding

The Career Development Center has a small amount of funding available to co-sponsor programs and projects with faculty and academic departments, including activities that take place during classes.

To be considered for CDC co-sponsorship, a program must be related to student career development and preparation. The CDC is also available to support faculty who are planning career events by providing staff time for consultation on program design, information about student internship sites and post-graduate destinations, job market and hiring process information from employers, event preparation assistance, and/or staff participation during the program.

We ask that faculty and departments receiving sponsorship funds or staff support from the CDC list the CDC as a co-sponsor of the program, provide the names of any alums involved (if applicable), and share student attendance information with the CDC after the program.

Submitting a request: Please send a written request (email is fine) with a brief description of the program or project and its relationship to student career development, along with the amount of funding and/or details for the staff participation requested. The deadline for fall requests is September 30. The deadline for spring requests is January 31.

If you have questions or would like to discuss an idea, please contact the CDC (413-538-2080, or your department's CDC liaison.