Recommendations and Credentials

In September 2008, the Career Development Center partnered with Interfolio to enable students and alumnae to manage their credentials files online, replacing the CDC’s paper based credentials file service*.

Who Needs a Credentials File

Not everyone needs a credentials file. However, if you are applying to multiple graduate/professional schools or teaching opportunities, Interfolio can make the application process much easier. Interfolio enables you to collect, store and deliver your confidential documents securely, in an online portfolio that you manage. You can request, upload and store letters of recommendation, your curriculum vitae (resume), writing samples and more and have them delivered electronically or by mail, with express and rush delivery options available.

If You Wish to Establish an Interfolio Account

If you wish to create an account, you can do so directly with Interfolio. A visit to the Interfolio site will provide you with additional information on delivery pricing and account options specific to your individual needs.

If You Have a Credentials File at MHC

If you have a credentials file at MHC, the CDC will honor one request to send up to FIVE packets, free of charge. Simply complete and sign the Credentials File Request and Destruction Acknowledgement Form (see below). If you wish to continue using your credentials file after this one request, you should establish an account with Interfolio and have your materials transferred there (see the Credentials File Transfer Consent form below). Once your file has been transferred, all future requests you make for distribution of your credentials must go through Interfolio.

For Faculty and Other Letter Writers

Faculty and other letter writers can quickly and securely submit documents electronically to Interfolio, where they are immediately available for use in the application process, saving time and limiting anxiety as deadlines approach. Letter writers also have access to letters they upload into the system, so original letters or documents may be easily retrieved, edited or updated.

If you are writing a letter of recommendation for a student with an Interfolio account, refer to Interfolio's Letter Writer Help Page which provides step-by-step instructions on how to submit letters to Interfolio (electronically or by mail) once you have received a request. It also informs you how to create an Interfolio Free Writer Account so you can view pending letters, view uploaded letters, replace your uploaded letters, and add your electronic signature. For a brief video demonstration on how to submit a letter of recommendation go to Vimeo Interfolio.

CDC Handouts & Forms

FAQ Handout
answers commonly asked questions about establishing an Interfolio account

Credentials File Transfer Consent Form
gives the CDC your consent to transfer your file from the CDC to Interfolio

Credentials File Request and Destruction Acknowledgement Form
must be completed and sent to the CDC before your request can be processed (read instructions carefully)

Student Guide to Letters of Recommendation
answers general questions about how and when to request letters of recommendation

*The CDC no longer establishes new credentials files, nor accepts any new letters of recommendation or other documents for existing files.