Recruiting at Mount Holyoke College

Campus Interviews

Recruiting visits begin in October and continue throughout the academic year. We suggest a minimum of two weeks advance notice to schedule a visit. If you are pre–screening resumes, we need the names of students you want to interview one week in advance of the recruiting date. Interviews generally are held between 9 am. and 4:30 pm. If you would like to discuss recruiting options please be in touch with us.

Information Sessions

Information sessions are often held on campus. They tend to begin in late September and run throughout the academic year. Please let us know three weeks in advance if you would like to schedule one. If you would like to offer refreshments at your information session, contact the Mount Holyoke Conference and Events Services at 413-538-2333. They prefer three weeks advance notice. We will arrange for audio–visual equipment, on an availability basis, requested at the time of scheduling.

Resume Referral

Employers can arrange for a resume referral. We will advertise your job or internship, collect application materials electronically, and email them to you. You select candidates and schedule interviews independent of Mount Holyoke College.

Extending Offers

We do not condone exploding job offers. We abide by the recommendations of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), which suggests "employers give students a minimum of three weeks to return a decision on a job offer. The Principles Committee recommends that employers who make job offers at the beginning of a semester consider keeping their offers open until the end of the semester so that students can fully explore other opportunities and, ultimately, make the wisest decisions for all concerned."

Recruiting Policies for Employer Partners

Employers must review and sign our recruiting policies contract. Signed forms may be emailed to Dyanne Rousseau, Program Manager, Employer Relations.

We look forward to working with you!