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The well-rounded nature of a liberal arts education provides you with the ability to pursue opportunities that transcend both academic and industry boundaries.

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Whether you are exploring multiple majors or searching for information about your chosen field, WhatCanIDoWithThisMajor.com will help you connect majors to careers. Learn about the typical career areas and the types of employers that hire people with each major, as well as strategies to make you a more marketable candidate.

This an independent website, so the majors listed may not match up exactly with MHC majors.

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Here's a sampling of the diverse jobs and internships chosen by MHC students and alumnae, potential position titles, and relevant career resources. All by MHC major.

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Need help deciding on and declaring your MHC major? We encourage you to speak with your academic advisor, class dean, or the Office of Academic Deans.

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