Getting Paid for an On-Campus Job


In order to track the time that you work, and ultimately, to get paid, you will keep an online timesheet. You can access your timesheets in my.mtholyoke: use the Self Service menu on the upper right, click on the Employees section and choose Web Time Entry and Approval. Your paycheck cannot be processed unless you complete your timesheet through Web Time Entry in my.mtholyoke.

Completing & Submitting Your Timesheet

Remember that time sheets are due by 2pm on the Monday following the end of the pay period.
Follow your department’s procedures for submitting time sheets to meet the Time Sheet Due Date in the Payroll Office.

Your Paycheck 

  • Student employment checks are issued bi-weekly by the Payroll Office, upon the receipt of a completed time sheet.
  • On the morning of the bi-weekly Pay Date, all paychecks and direct deposit notices will be sent to the college post office and distributed to student post office boxes.
  • We highly recommend that you sign up for direct deposit. Through direct deposit, your pay will be deposited in your bank account on the morning of the Pay Date.
  • If you are expecting a paycheck and do not receive one, please notify the Payroll Office at 413-538-2709 as soon as possible.

Student Work Clearance

In order to work on campus, all students must complete the forms listed on the Student Payroll Office website. If you have any questions regarding the completion of these forms, please contact the Payroll Office at 413-538-2503.