Industry Research by Major

One of the best places to start looking into future careers is to see the companies who are hiring those who have majored in your area(s) of interest! We have two excellent resources to begin your research:

Vault Career Insider

Vault Career Insider provides comprehensive career information and management tools. Login through LyonNet to access their in-depth career e-books, an internship database, discussion boards, articles about companies, careers, and industries, and more.


Buzzfile pulls industry data from a variety of sources and presents it in a way that's easy to access and understand. The list below is a powerful tool to research industries and employers in the United States.

To begin, simply click on your major of interest and follow the prompts to narrow down your list. Once you get to the employer level, you can find information like the year founded, size, revenue, contact information, and similar companies.

Please note: the majors and results are not MHC specific.