Internships & Research Projects and Academic Credit

The experience you gain through internships/research can relate to credit bearing work through the following ways:

  • The Nexus: Curriculum to Career Program
  • The fall 2 credit course COLL 211 “Reflecting Back: Connecting Internship and Research to your Liberal Arts Education”. This course is part of the Nexus Program, but is open to any student returning from an internship or research project.
  • Pursuit of a 2 credit independent study project (295P or 395P), inspired by and relating to the internship or research project. This is an option only when there is a substantial academic component supervised by a Mount Holyoke faculty member.

For more information on pursuing any of these credit bearing options, please read the Internships & Research: Academic Credit and Independent Study handout. 

Letters Verifying Academic Credit

Some employers require internship applicants to submit a letter verifying that Mount Holyoke College will award you credit for your internship experience. There are two options for submitting such a letter:

If you are planning on participating in Nexus, taking COLL 211 or doing an independent study based on your internship experience, email Janice Kane, Student Employment & Internships Coordinator, and request that a letter be sent to the employer explaining the policy and credit options as described above. Include the following information in your email to Janice:

  • your full name
  • the organization name, address and contact name
  • which credit bearing option, related to your internship, you are planning on completing or have completed

If you have already obtained a faculty advisor for an independent study project, your advisor can complete this Verification of Academic Credit for Internship and send it directly to your internship organization. Please also send a copy of the completed letter to Janice Kane at the Career Development Center.