Award Requirements & Forms

Mount Holyoke Internship/Research students supported by summer fellowships from either the Career Development Center (CDC) or the Miller Worley Center for the Environment are expected to complete and submit the following materials:

Prior to Receiving the Award

Students are required to register their internship or research project with the CDC prior to receiving an award and before the start of the internship/research project.   To register your internship or research project, you must complete the following materials:

Enrollment Form for Fellows (DUE Tuesday, April 9)
This form confirms the details of your summer project and registers you in the MHC Intern Network

Host Registration Form (DUE Tuesday, April 16)
Completed by your internship supervisor or research advisor, this form registers your summer host

After Completing Your Internship

Photo & Quote (DUE August 1)
Email a photo of yourself engaged in your internship/research and a quote reflecting on your experience to

Informational Interview (DUE September 1)
Conduct an informational interview with a person (not necessarily your supervisor) in an industry or organization of interest

Performance Evaluation (DUE September 1)
We request that the supervisor/mentor complete the Intern Performance Evaluation at least one week prior to the conclusion of your project to aid the your professional development. Your supervisor can submit the evaluation using any of these methods: (1) complete the online form (below), or (2) download the hard copy (also below) and send a completed version to Jenny Watermill, or (3) send a completed copy of the organization's own performance evaluation form to Jenny Watermill (via email to or via mail to Career Development Center, 50 College Street, South Hadley, MA 01075).  

Intern Performance Evaluation
Online form or hard copy 

Research Performance Evaluation
Online Form or hard copy 

Final Report (DUE September 1)
The Final Report is used as a reflection tool and is made available to other students in the CDC library to assist with student internship and career exploration.

Donor Report (DUE September 1)
Please refer to the Top Ten Elements of a Terrific Donor Report for instructions on writing this report.  (This was provided in your fellowship orientation materials. For a new copy, please email  CDC Fellows: Please submit your Donor Report to Jenny Watermill; Miller Worley Fellows: Please submit your Donor Report to Ruby Maddox

If you are funded by the CDC, you must complete your internship or research project and all of its requirements satisfactorily. Otherwise, you may be asked to repay the award monies you received.


Career Development Center Fellows: Jenny Watermill

Miller Worley Center for the Environment Fellows: Ruby Maddox