Frequently Asked Questions

What internships does MHC offer?
Multiple pre-arranged internship and research opportunities are coordinated by centers and departments on campus. These opportunities are sponsored by the Miller Worley Center for the Environment and the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives. For a complete list of opportunities, most of which are funded, visit the Universal Application Funding page and search by major or areas of interest. The CDC also offers the job and internship search engine LyonNet, where you may search for one yourself. Internship listings in LyonNet reflect opportunities solicited by the CDC, sent to the CDC by way of alumnae and past internship sponsors, or by unrelated companies interested in employing Mount Holyoke College students. Most Mount Holyoke students arrange an internship themselves with an organization of their choosing by using CDC resources, MHC Alumnae, friends and family or any combination thereof.

How do I get a paid internship?
You can search for a paid internship through LyonNet. You can also apply for an internship fellowship for your unpaid internship through the MHC Universal Application Funding (UAF) process. More information...

How do I find housing?
Go to Summer Housing Resources for advice on finding housing during your internship.  The CDC also holds a workshop on summer housing & budgeting. Check the LyonNet calendar for up to date workshop information.

How many hours/weeks should my internship be?
In order to have a quality internship experience, students should complete a minimum of 240 hours for a summer internship; a minimum of 120 hours for a semester internship and a minimum of 80 hours for a January career experience. An internship meeting this minimum recommendation fosters a learning environment and allows you to get a good perspective on a particular industry and organization’s work/lifestyle culture.

I’m applying for funding, so where does my faculty member send the letter of recommendation?
The Faculty member must submit the letter of recommendation using the UAF Online Faculty Recommendation Form; located in ISIS.  Make sure that you have selected “Save my application and make it available to my faculty member.” on your application.

I don’t think I can make the February 22th UAF deadline, what do I do?
Everyone MUST fill out the UAF application by the deadline of February 22, 2013 at 5:00 p.m.. After that date, the website will be shut down and will not accept any further submissions. Even if you don’t have your internship set, fill out the application with your proposal for one, including goals, skills, location, budget, etc. You can firm up the details later, but get the proposal in!! Your application is evaluated on the basis of your qualifications and not solely on those of the internship itself.   

When will I find out if I receive funding?
All those receiving monies from MHC can log onto ISIS to receive a tentative notification at 5p.m on April 2.  As students confirm internships that match the learning objectives outlined in their Universal Application essays, they will receive confirmation of funding. Checks will be distributed at a pre-departure meeting in early May. CGI recipients will hear if they have or have not been selected earlier.

Can I do an internship in my home city and still receive funding?
Yes!  Both domestic and international students are eligible for the standard UAF award regardless of project location.

Do I have to have a secured opportunity to apply for fellowship monies?
No, using the Universal Application Form, base your application on the internship/research for which you have applied.  If you have applied for multiple opportunities, write your essay response focusing on your preferred opportunity and provide second choice options where prompted. 

What if I am awarded funding, but I don’t get my first choice opportunity?
When writing your UAF essay, we strongly encourage you to mention all programs for which you have applied.  If there is a question regarding an opportunity, you will receive notice in your initial UAF award letter. Typically most opportunities listed on your UAF application are approved for funding.   All opportunities require verification and are subject to final approval after funding has been granted. 

What do I do if I have already arranged an internship?
Great!! Fill out the Universal Application online with details of your arranged internship including why you want to explore a particular industry and what you hope to glean from your internship experience.

What if I am applying for several different internships, do I have to file a separate UAF application for each of them?
No, just one application. Base your application on your first choice and briefly discuss your other choices in your essay.

What if I want to develop my internship into an independent study?
Independent work with a practicum component in a professional or volunteer setting, and a substantive academic component supervised by a Mount Holyoke faculty sponsor, may be designated 295 Practicum or 395 Practicum. When the practicum takes place during a summer or January, the bulk of the credit-bearing work will normally take place during the following semester. Practicum designation ordinarily requires consultation with a faculty sponsor prior to commencement of the practicum. Independent work with a practicum component is governed by the same policies as all other independent work. For more information about this option, please read the Guide to Developing your Internship to an Independent Study.

Can I receive academic credit for my internship?
Though the educational policies of Mount Holyoke and its peer institutions preclude the award of academic credit for internships/research, the experience gained by student internships/research can relate to credit bearing work in several ways.  Read more about academic credit for internships here.