International Relations

Major and Minor Internship Search Tools

The most up to date listings for internships can be found on LyonNet. With hundreds of active internships (expect more listings late fall-early spring for summer opportunities), we collaborate with 28 other liberal arts colleges to provide a broad range of opportunities. Here you can also sign up to have internships emailed to you by areas of interest by utilizing the “search agent” feature.

Internships-USA, an online database, provides continually updated internship opportunities by topic and geographic area. Access Internships-USA through LyonNet.

Our Career Center and Library provide extensive information about how to search for and secure an internship, visit us and meet with a counselor to talk about the process.

Not sure where to get started? Attend an internship workshop to learn more about how to conduct an effective and efficient search or develop your own opportunity.

Internships by Discipline

The following listings and information has been supplied directly by the academic departments, for more details about these internships, please contact your faculty advisor.

Internships in U.S. Government   

The United Nations

Internships last from six weeks to three months. Request for internship must be made at least three months in advance. Unpaid.   

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Research Institutes

International Security and National Defense   

Human Rights Organizations   

International Development and Assistance   

Democracy Development   

Other Career and Internship Opportunities