Lynk UAF Cost of Living & Travel Adjustment

* Students interning or researching within a reasonable commuting distance of their home cities do not qualify for cost of living adjustments.  Students interning or researching within their home countries do not qualify for travel adjustments, except when the student is interning 50 miles or more from their home AND has a family tuition contribution of less than $10,000/year.

Cost of Living and Travel Adjustment lists will be updated for summer 2020 by 1/1/2020.

Travel Adjustments

The Lynk UAF program acknowledges the significant variations in international air travel costs by providing an automatic travel adjustment to the Lynk UAF stipends of students traveling to the below locations*:  


Travel Adjustment Amount

Central America, Non-U.S. North America & Caribbean


South America


Asia, Africa, Middle East, Oceania


UK and Ireland


Continental Europe and Iceland


The amounts listed above are added to the standard $3,600 award for students pursuing international projects.

Cost of Living Adjustments

A $500 Cost of Living Adjustment will be automatically added to the Lynk UAF stipends of students with projects in the following countries or cities*:

US Locations

  • New York/Brooklyn/Queens, NY 
  • San Francisco/Berkley/San Jose, CA 
  • Honolulu, HI Boston/Cambridge, MA
  •  Los Angeles/Long Beach, CA 
  • Washington, DC/Arlington, VA/Alexandria, VA/Bethesda, MD 
  • Portland, OR 
  • Stamford, CT 
  • Seattle/Bellevue, WA 
  • San Diego, CA 
  • Orange County, CA 
  • Oakland, CA 
  • Miami Dade County, FL 
  • Framingham/Natick, MA 
  • Santa Barbara, CA

International Locations

  • Switzerland
  • Hong Kong (SAR), China
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Norway
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Singapore
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Paris, France
  • Ireland
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Auckland, New Zealand
  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Munich, Germany
  • Qatar
  • Denmark