Mary Jean Hale Internships

The Department of Earth and Environment offers the Mary Jean Hale Internship in Environmental Studies annually; only Geography and Environmental Science majors who plan internships in the social sciences are eligible to apply.

Dr. Hale is a 1967 graduate of Mount Holyoke, and she has had a long and varied career as both a physician and a healthcare administrator. She has had a lifelong interest in environmental issues, having grown up on a farm in Windsor, CT, where she "lived outside at every opportunity" and she later served on her town's Wetlands Committee.

Dr. Hale has also been interested in enabling our students to move beyond the academic setting and to have worthwhile and stimulating internship experiences that will further their intellectual and career interests in the social science aspects of environmental studies. Her generous contribution to the College will ensure an ongoing source of funds for these social science internship awards. Typical funding levels are $3,000 domestic projects and $3,500 international projects between 8-12 weeks; $1,500 projects under 8 weeks for domestic projects and $2,000 for international projects..

To apply for these fellowships, use the Universal Application Form. Only applicants who are majoring in geography or ES and propose social science projects will be considered for funding by the Hale program.