Internships/Research for Politics Majors

Examples of Opportunities 

Students typically pursue diverse opportunities related to their interests in a Politics major or minor.  The well-rounded nature of a liberal arts education provides you with the ability to pursue opportunities that transcend both academic and industry boundaries.  Below is a sampling of the varied internship and research projects conducted by Mount Holyoke Politics majors and minors:


An internship is a supervised professional opportunity with an employer for a limited period of time.  Internships allow you to apply your academic knowledge to the real world, develop important skills and professional connections, and explore potential career fields.  Students pursuing any area of academic study can benefit from this type of experience.  You can either find internships through existing job postings, or you can develop your own internship opportunity by contacting an organization and offering to work as an intern.


Undergraduate research is a mentored, self-directed investigation or creative activity on a topic of interest to a student, group of students, faculty member or employer. Research opportunities are available with employers or faculty in any academic discipline, from Biochemistry to Latin American Studies.  Faculty at MHC and at other colleges and universities in the U.S. and overseas often conduct research in their interest area and hire students to join their research team.  Faculty rarely post these opportunities in databases, with the exception of traditional REU’s (Research Experience for Undergraduates).  Research faculty member’s research interests and approach faculty directly or develop your own research opportunity, under a faculty member’s mentorship.

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