Summer Earnings Replacement Grant (SERG)

Domestic students who receive financial aid will be eligible to receive a $500 reduction in their summer earnings requirement if: 1) they are funded through any of the programs supported through the Universal Application form for $3,000 or less for a project more than five weeks in duration, 2) they are domestic students on financial aid, and 3) their total family contribution in the 2012-2013 academic year was less than $5,000 (or higher if funding allows). The family contribution is the amount that your family is expected to pay each year after need-based financial aid is awarded. This additional SERG grant will be awarded at the same time of the UAF award. The $500 award, divided by semester, will then be credited to your account in Financial Services in the fall and spring following confirmation of your successful project completion by the department responsible for administering your award. We hope this will help make it possible for all students to seek and accept important research, study, or internship opportunities.