Summer Housing and Budget Resources

Every spring, the Career Development Center holds a workshop called "Planning Your Summer: Housing and Budget." View the workshop presentation.

Summer Budget

Use this Personal Summer Budgeting Worksheet as a resource to plan your budget.

Summer Housing

You’ve planned a great internship. Now you need to find a place to live! 

Here are some ideas to get you started with your summer housing search:

  • Speak with family, friends and classmates about housing in a particular area.  You may be able to arrange very affordable, if not free, housing with family or friends.
  • Get advice from an alum mentor living or working in a particular area through our networking platform, The Gates.
  • Try area college/university residential offices
  • Check newspapers – for out of town, go to the library or online editions
  • Look for paper postings in community centers/colleges
  • Check, Craig's List and other rental websites for the following:
    - Rent a room in a private home
    - Apartment shares
    - Sublet an apartment
    - Rent an apartment
  • If you haven’t found housing before you leave, research youth hostels or YM/WCAs in the area, which have daily rates
  • Mapquest and Google - Simply enter a city and state or zip code and you’ll get not only housing information, but visitor guides, entertainment, sports, late night happenings, restaurants, shops, etc. on the area of your choice.

A few important additional considerations:

  • Remember that whenever possible, you should try to see the house/apartment before you sign a lease or make a commitment.
  • Most houses/apartments require a deposit before they will enter into a contract with you.
  • If you rent a room, it is likely you will be living with strangers. Talk with your future roommates about habits and preferences.
  • Consider the safety of the neighborhood and convenience of transportation when planning your summer housing. Neighborhood safety ratings are available on Wikipedia for larger urban areas.
  • Check to see whether electricity and heating/cooling are included or in addition to the rent.
  • Summer rentals are an agreement between you, the renter, and the agency or property owner. Mount Holyoke College is not responsible for summer housing arrangements you make as a result of consulting these resources.

Online Housing Information Sources

The following information is provided to help you find housing while you participate in internship and research experiences in other areas of the country. Inclusion in this section is not an endorsement or recommendation by the Career Development Center or Mount Holyoke College.