Top Ten Internships

The listings included below were made available to the Career Development Center by the employers. The CDC is informing students of these opportunities, not providing recommendation or endorsement.

Current Top Ten Internships

As publicized in the CDC Newsletter released on 10/16/14. To apply for these jobs and many others, log into LyonNet

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American Society of Magazine Editors - Magazine Internship (LyonNet #32264)
In ASME's ten-week magazine internship program, you'll gain hands-on experience doing the behind-the-scenes work of magazine editing, including editing, fact-checking, and proofreading.  (Summer - Unpaid)

Casa de Esperanza (House of Hope) - Hands of Hope Internship (LyonNet #25256)
Spend a year with Casa de Esperanza as a residential intern, helping abused, neglected, and HIV positive children find agency in their lives. Through Hands of Hope, you'll be working directly with these children, caring for them daily. (Year-Long - Stipend)

MetroHealth Medical Center - Summer Scholars Program (LyonNet #32546)
If you hail from Ohio and are a pre-med student, then this is the perfect opportunity for you! This summer, learn what it's like to work in academic and research medical settings through the Edward M. Chester, MD, Summer Scholars Program. (Summer - Stipend)

Schumacher Center for a New Economics - BerkShares Local Currency Program (LyonNet #31724)
Working with a non-profit organization, as an internship with BerkShares you'll be exploring on the of the best-known local currency systems in the world. You'll be supporting local businesses and paving the way for new kinds of economic development. (Fall - Unpaid)

Epic - Softward Development Internship (LyonNet #32079)
At Epic, you'll be working on developing software that goes towards directly improving the lives of Americans. By revolutionizing the software that goes into the majority of the healthcare system, you'll be making healthcare more accessible for everyone. (Summer - Paid)

Student Conservation Association - Expense Paid Conservation Internships(LyonNet #19299)
The SCA has over 1700 conservation and wildlife oriented internships available each summer, each with a specific skill set. All majors and people from all walks of life are encouraged to apply. (Summer - Stipend)

Berwick Academy - Teaching Internship/Master's Degree Program (LyonNet #26646)
Join Berwick Academy with a blend of hands-on, in-classroom teaching experience and graduate courses, which at the end of 14 months will leave you with a Master's Degree and a background in education.  (Year-Long - Unpaid)

Elsewhere Collaborative - Museum Internship (LyonNet #20122)
Elsewhere, which prides itself on being a living museum, is looking for interns with a wide variety of interests to work at the museum this summer. You'll be placed within a department where you will be mentored in creative fields. (Year-Round - Unpaid)

Smithsonian Institution - National Education Outreach Internship (LyonNet #19434)
Collaborate with the TSA to develop educational programs that will be used throughout the U.S. In addition, there will be a number of opportunities for professional development and networking. (Year-Round - Unpaid)

HitPoint, Inc. - HitPoint QA Internship (LyonNet #31679)
Learn how games are made and get hands-on experience in the industry with HitPoint. Projects range from small, independent titles to big projects with big-name companies. People from all fields of study welcome to apply! (Fall - Unpaid)