Networking for Internships & Research

Networking means building relationships for mutual benefit.  For your internship search, we recommend networking with the following key groups in the MHC community:


The MHC Alumnae Association’s Career Network allows alumnae and students to connect with one another. By joining the Career Network, you can seek advice on securing an internship from experienced alumnae. Note: be sure to read the Career Network Guidelines before getting started.


MHC students with internships enroll in the Intern Network and provide information on their summer internship/research projects. Use this network to identify students who share your academic and professional interests, then contact them for advice and to learn how they secured their summer internships/research projects.


Faculty can provide references and career advice, so make it a goal to build relationships with faculty early on in your college career.  For students interested in research, it is important to know that faculty rarely post research opportunities in databases, with the exception of traditional REU's.  If you want to work with a faculty member, research her academic interests and approach her directly. 

New to Networking?  Refer to our Networking Guide