Employers who plan to hire a number of interns or graduating seniors from top schools each year -- large non-profits like Teach for America, major corporations like JP Morgan Chase, and consulting firms like the Analysis Group -- participate most frequently in On-Campus Recruiting. 

Through our partnership with Smith College and Amherst College, you will have access to campus interviews, information sessions and on-line resume collects with these leading employers.  Last year, over seventy different organizations participated in our On-Campus Recruiting program.

How Do I Participate?

First, login to LyonNet and upload your resume.  CDC staff will review your resume and once it is approved you will be eligible to apply for On-Campus Recruiting opportunities such as:

Campus InterviewsApply through LyonNet, but do not wait until the last minute.  Employers often check resumes well before the application deadline to assess their "applicant pool".  You want to be in that pool!  If you are selected for an interview by the employer, you will be notified by e-mail.  Then you must login to LyonNet and sign-up for an available interview time.

Information Sessions. Some employers will hold information sessions on-campus (often prior to conducting on-campus interviews).  These sessions will help you prepare for interviews and learn about new career opportunities.

Resume Collects. Employers post a position in LyonNet with a deadline for you to apply.  This allows the employer to review a batch of resumes all at one time and then decide to conduct interviews on-campus or at their office location.

You will receive frequent e-mail updates from CDC about recruiting opportunities and events.  Check these e-mails and LyonNet frequently to better manage your job search.

How Do I Prepare?

In today's competitive job market, it is essential that you prepare for interviews.  Take time to research the employer, the position, and the career field.  Speak with alumnae in the field about their experiences and how they succeeded in the job market.  Practice your interview skills, sign-up for a mock interview at the CDC, and attend to important details like professional dress.

How Do I Get Started?

Update your profile in LyonNet, upload your resume and have it approved by the CDC staff, attend the recruiting orientation and complete the CDC's student recruiting agreement which outlines expectations for students participating in the program.