CDC for Parents

Your daughter's decision to pursue a liberal arts education at Mount Holyoke College is a smart move. She has joined a community of scholars who are actively engaged in the world.

But we imagine you will be asking her questions like, "What can you do with a major in..."? The CDC is here to help your daughter answer this question and the many others that come up in setting a direction for the future.

One of the greatest myths about college, especially a liberal arts college like MHC, is that there is a one-to-one connection between choosing a major and pursuing a specific career. In fact, the connections are many and varied. For example, our English majors go into consulting, teaching, marketing, public service, the law and many other fields.

Choice of major is only one aspect of preparing for a future career. Other important factors include general studies (outside the major), experiential learning (campus employment, internships, research, study abroad, etc.), and your daughter's own interests, skills and values.

There are many pathways to success, the trick is to start early and make use of CDC resources like:

Please encourage your daughter to visit the CDC. Our professional career advisors will assist her in charting a course for the future and gaining the experience necessary to succeed in the marketplace.