Professional Development Programs

Harvard Business School HBX CORe

Online | 8-19 weeks, ~150 hours (recommended to take in summer)
Tuition: $1,800 - scholarships available for MHC students!
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We have partnered with Harvard Business School's HBX CORe (Credential of Readiness). This exciting program provides a primer on the fundamentals of business thinking. It's designed to introduce you to the language of business, which is really just another way of saying that it begins with the assumption that the concept of “business” may be as unfamiliar to you as a foreign tongue. 

Each course covers three main content areas: Business Analytics (summarizing data, sampling & estimation, hypothesis testing, and regression), Economics for Managers (demand & supply, markets & competition), and Financial Accounting (accounting principles, financial statements, analysis & forecasting).

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Smith-Tuck Business Bridge Program

Smith College | 3 weeks in late spring
Tuition: $7,500

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In just 3 weeks, the Smith-Tuck Business Bridge Program helps connect future women leaders to meaningful careers--all while developing personal strengths that will last a lifetime. Learn practical management foundations as well as critical career and networking skills in a women-centered environment.

Courses are taught by the same top-ranked faculty who have made Tuck's MBA program a world leader. The Smith-Tuck Business Bridge Program will include the same core subject areas as the summer Tuck Business Bridge Program, giving you a foundation in financial accounting, managerial economics, marketing and corporate finance, and spreadsheet modeling.

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