Resources for Seniors

These programs are crafted specially for seniors in search of a first job that allows both professional support from CDC staff as well as support from peers going through the same process.  We also offer you helpful resources to prepare you for interviews and build your professional profile.

Set Goals

Know where you’re going? We can help you to be strategic and competitive on your way there. 

Don’t know yet? We can help with that, too!  Call 413-538-2080 to make an appointment to discuss job search, career planning, career exploration, etc. 

Be Prepared 

Recruiting at Mount Holyoke
As a Mount Holyoke College student you have unprecedented access to internship and professional opportunities through our unique 3-college employer partnership with Smith College and Amherst College.  Recruiting brings impressive employers right to our campus, provides you with career fairs, and organizes information sessions so you can learn more about employers and career paths. Learn more about our recruiting program or log into LyonNet to start searching for opportunities!

Suit Yourself
The Suit Yourself program was created to provide a convenient way for students on a budget to acquire appropriate interview attire for their big day.  The program allows you to borrow designer jackets, skirts, and pants, sizes 2-24, in matching black fabric. Whether going to a job interview or attending a career fair, you can look their professional best! 

Custom Business Cards
Print out business cards at the CDC using a perforated cardstock template that we provide for you.  We have a predesigned template that you can easily enter you information into. Each student is given 20 professional looking cards that they can take with them to job interviews, job fairs, recruiting events, networking events, etc.

LinkedIn Profile Portraits
The CDC provides headshots for students who need a professional looking profile picture for LinkedIn.  Photos are taken at the CDC office, and you are encouraged to dress professionally or utilize the clothing supplied by the Suit Yourself program (for free). You will also be provided with a guide to help you construct the rest of your professional profile. Email us to schedule an appointment.

Mock Interviews
With interviews, practice makes perfect!  A mock interview will help you perfect your technique and provide you with an opportunity to get valuable feedback and coaching on your performance. Call us to schedule a mock interview appointment.

Big Interview Software
Big Interview is an online resource that enables you to practice your interviewing skills from any computer. Repeatedly practice with tough interview questions and record, review and share your answers to interview questions, all with an eye toward greatly improving your skills. Come to the CDC to use our Big Interview room in a private setting, or access it from your personal computer at any time!

Skype Interview Room
More and more employers are using Skype to conduct interviews. If you have a Skype interview coming up and need a private place to focus on your interview, use our Skype room. Call the CDC for room reservations.

Develop Skills

Start Smart Salary Negotiation 
Dates TBA for Fall 2014
Ready for your first salary negotiation? Thinking about the gender wage gap?  $tart $mart workshops provide college women who are approaching the job market the knowledge and skills to negotiate salaries and benefits so that they receive fair and realistic compensation. Dinner and salary negotiation workbook is included. 
Developing Your Professional Brand 
Dates TBA for Fall 2014
The Developing Your Professional Brand workshop will introduce you to the value of professional branding, help you understand how to develop a positive and effective brand of your own, and how it can be implemented your job search. You will learn more about yourself so you can make decisions and plans to chart a course for your career!
Lynking with Professionals 
Dates TBA for Fall 2014
As a student, it is very important to make meaningful connections with professionals for a variety of reasons, whether  seeking an internship, finding a job or simply gathering information about  careers of interest to help you make a decision. During this workshop, develop and learn to use your professional LinkedIn profile, get tips on the most effective ways of connecting with alumnae and professionals, and learn how these relationships can help you achieve your career goals. You only need to attend one of these sessions.

Job Search for Seniors
Dates TBA for Fall 2014
This workshop will focus on how MHC's seniors can be best prepared throughout the job search process. Learn about the resources available through the CDC to support your search.