Resources for Sophomores

In your second year, the Career Development Center will help you explore and articulate your goals with confidence! Our Sophomore Year programming offers opportunities for you to explore your career options, focus your direction, gain essential skills and connections, and position yourself to be competitive in your internship search and beyond.


Lynk UAF Summer Funding
A central goal of the Mount Holyoke College Lynk Initiative is to ensure that each MHC student can afford to explore her career goals, interests and values through an internship or research project. In support of this goal, MHC provides summer internship and research funding to students through the Lynk Universal Application Funding (UAF) system.

MBTI Personality Assessment Workshops
The MBTI reports your preferences and provides information about your unique type to suggest work settings, careers, and academic fields that might be a good fit for you. It provides you with a framework for understanding yourself and how to manage your preferences, how to communicate and interact better with others, and what you hope to achieve in life. Call us at 413-538-2080 for more information.

Once you have completed the MBTI, come into the CDC to review your results with an MBTI certified counselor (one-on-one or at a workshop) to learn more about what your type means to you and the work that you will decide to do as you move beyond the collegiate environment.

Finding an Internship Workshops
Learn the basics of how to prepare for and begin an internship search process. Find out about the internship programs sponsored by Mount Holyoke College and all of the resources available through the CDC for your search and preparation. Check Handshake for upcoming dates and times.

Set Goals

Know where you’re going? We can help you to be strategic and competitive on your way there.

Don’t know yet? We can help with that, too! Call 413-538-2080 to make an appointment to discuss internship search, career planning, career exploration, etc.

Be Prepared

Planning for Summer: Finding Housing and Creating a Budget Workshop
Planning a great internship for the summer? Do you know where you are going to live? Or how you are going to pay for it (and food and transportation, too)? This workshop will show you how to find housing and plan a budget that works for you this summer. Check Handshake for upcoming dates and times.

Suit Yourself
Suit Yourself was created to provide a convenient way for students on a budget to acquire appropriate interview attire for their big day. The program allows you to borrow designer jackets, skirts, and pants, sizes 2-24, in matching black fabric. Whether going to a job interview or attending a career fair, you can look their professional best!

Custom Business Cards
Print out business cards at the CDC using a pre-designed template that you can easily enter your information into. Each student is given 20 professional looking cards that they can take with them to interviews, job fairs, recruiting events, and networking events.

Mock Interviews
With interviews, practice makes perfect! A mock interview will help you perfect your technique and provide you with an opportunity to get valuable feedback and coaching on your performance. Call us to schedule a mock interview appointment or to inquire about our weekly group interview prep sessions.

Big Interview Software
Big Interview is an online resource that enables you to practice your interviewing skills from any computer. Repeatedly practice with tough interview questions and record, review and share your answers to interview questions, all with an eye toward greatly improving your skills. Come to the CDC to use our Big Interview room in a private setting, or access it from your personal computer at any time!

Skype Interview Room
More and more employers are using Skype to conduct interviews. If you have a Skype interview coming up and need a private place to focus on your interview, use our Skype room. Call the CDC for room reservations.

Develop Skills

We encourage you to attend these workshops, which are offered multiple times per semester. Check our events page for dates and times.

Writing a Cover Letter 
Learn to write cover letters employers will want to read. This workshop will help you tailor cover letters to specific jobs or internships!

Writing a Resume
Resumes are an important part of finding jobs and internships; even on-campus student jobs require them. Attend this workshop for an overview of the basic outline and structure of your first resume. Already have a solid resume?

Ace the Interview
Come to learn how to shine during an internship or job interview. During this interactive session, you will learn effective interviewing skills and put them into practice. You will leave feeling more confident and knowledgeable about interviewing.