Student Employment Policies

Student Wage Structure

On-campus jobs are categorized into five levels with varying pay rates. Learn more about how this works and what it means for you.

Work-Study Policies

For all student employment policies, please read the Student Employment Manual. Please note that you will need to login into Google with your MHC account to access the manual.

All students (including those not on work-study) are strongly encouraged to work no more than 8-10 hours per week during the academic terms.

Level 1 jobs are only available to students with work-study (although students with work-study may pursue Level 2-4 jobs as well).

Students without work-study may pursue Level 2-4 jobs. If you are unsure about your work-study status, contact Student Financial Services or the Student Employment Office.

Student worker manual will be distributed to student workers via email once a year.  For a copy, please email

Application Requirements

All jobs require you to submit a resume and/or cover letter in JobX. Review our resume guide and come to the CDC to work on your application materials.

Getting Paid

In order to track the time that you work and get paid, you will keep an online timesheet. Be sure to read our instructions for submitting your timesheet, setting up direct deposit, and more.

Student Work Clearance

In order to work on campus, all students must complete the following forms: Federal Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9), Federal Tax (W4), and the Massachusetts State Tax (M4). Forms and instructions are available on the Human Resources webpage.