Student Wage Structure

The Student Employment Office (SEO) Task Force, made up of student representatives and student supervisors from a variety of campus offices, created the following student wage structure that will provide clear guidance on what to pay our great variety of student workers in a fair, equitable and consistent manner.

New Wage Structure (Effective as of September 1, 2016)

Current Wage Structure

Level 1 ($10.00/hour)
Will refer to positions that require performing office duties such as clerical, reception, filing or fulfilling responsibilities that do not require pre-requisite knowledge, certification, training or skills. Dining service kitchen workers fall into this category.

Level 2 ($10.15/hour)
Will refer to positions that require prior training, certification, knowledge or skills to perform duties central to the position. Examples include tutors, teaching assistants, web designers, graders, speaking mentors, writing assistants, research assistants, riding instructors, admissions tour guides, medical assistance personnel (EMT’s, athletic trainers) and lifeguards.

Level 3 ($10.35/hour)
Will refer to supervisors of other students, computer lab supervisors, and EMT supervisors.

Level 4 - ($10.70/hour)
Will refer to positions that are para-professional in nature. Departments sponsoring level 4 position assume responsibility for creating a significant, intentional work experience that requires high-level proficiency and careful mentoring. Level 4 will also include Art Department models.

Level 5 - Stipend
Will refer to positions where it is difficult to ascertain the exact amount of time needed to perform their duties as they do not work for set, continually recorded hours. Examples include hall presidents and student advisors.

All of these wages apply regardless of the origin of student salary, including outside grants. Students on leave working in “student” jobs will be paid the student wage commensurate with the position. Students on leave filling in for professional staff positions will receive a higher wage to be determined by the supervisor and the Chair of the Student Employment Task Force.

Summer Wages (follow the same criteria as above)

  • Level 1 - $9.30/hour
  • Level 2 - $9.55/hour
  • Level 3 - $9.80/hour
  • Level 4 - $10.30/hour