Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to work on campus?
Any currently enrolled Mount Holyoke College student is eligible to work on campus. Level 1 jobs are reserved for students with work-study (although students with work-study may pursue Level 2-4 jobs as well). Students without work-study may pursue Level 2-4 jobs.

Who is eligible for off-campus work-study?
Only students with Federal Work Study are eligible to work at off-campus community service or America Reads/Counts sites. Contact Community Based Learning for more information.

Where can I find job listings?
Visit JobX to search for currently available jobs (on-campus and local part-time jobs)

Who must work in Dining Services?
Every first-year student with work-study must fill at least one shift per week in Dining Services during the fall and spring semesters. After signing-up for a shift, first-year students with work-study may seek additional employment in other departments. Transfer students and Frances Perkins Scholars may work in Dining Services, but are not required to do so.

How many hours per week should I work?
Students should work no more than 8-10 hours per week during the fall and spring academic terms.

What will be my hourly wage on-campus?
Your hourly wage will be determined by the Level (1-4) of the position. For details, see the student employment wage scale.

What is direct deposit?
When students sign-up for direct deposit, their earnings are automatically deposited to their bank accounts on each pay date.

What is the most I can earn on-campus?
Students may earn up to their Maximum Earnings Limit:

$2100 First Years
$2400 Sophomore, Juniors and Seniors

Money earned on campus during either the Intersession or summer does not count toward your Maximum Earnings limit. All off-campus work-study earnings, however, count.

Do I have to work?
No, you can choose not to work and not to earn any work-study dollars OR you can formally decline your work-study award and increase your eligibility for loan funds. If you decline your work-study, you may not work on campus for the academic year. To decline your work study award, contact Student Financial Services (Financial Aid) in writing as soon as possible.