Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to work on-campus?
Any currently enrolled Mount Holyoke College student is eligible to work on campus. Level 1 jobs are reserved for students with work-study (students with work-study may pursue Level 2-5 jobs as well). Students without work-study may only pursue Level 2-5 jobs.

What is off-campus work-study?
Students with Federal Work Study are eligible to work with a pre-selected group of off-campus community service sites. Contact Community Based Learning for more information.

Where can I find job listings?
Visit JobX to search for currently available jobs (on-campus and local part-time jobs)

Who must work in Dining Services?
As of Spring 2018, no one is required to work in Dining Services.  Dining Services jobs do not require a resume or interview, and provide short shifts, so many students do prefer to begin working in Dining Services in their first year at MHC.

How many hours per week should I work?
Students should work no more than 8-10 hours per week during the fall and spring academic terms.

What will be my hourly wage on-campus?
Your hourly wage will be determined by the Level (1-5) of the position. For details, see the student employment wage scale.

What is direct deposit?
When students sign-up for direct deposit, their earnings are automatically deposited to their bank accounts on each pay date.

What is the most I can earn on-campus?
Students earnings are not limited at this time. We strongly recommend that you work no more than 10 hours in any given week to allow for a focus on academic work and to enable all students who need one to find a job.

Do I have to work?
No, you can choose not to work and not to earn any work-study dollars OR you can formally decline your work-study award and increase your eligibility for loan funds. If you decline your work-study, you may not work on campus for the academic year. To decline your work study award, contact Student Financial Services (Financial Aid) in writing as soon as possible.