A Note on Thank You Notes

A simple thank you note after a job interview can wield considerable power and influence, and reflect very favorably on your candidacy for the position. Sending one:

1. Shows your interviewer common courtesy and respect.
Send a brief thank you email the same day as your interview to make a great impression. Follow-up with a written note thanking the employer for his/her time, send appreciation in having had the opportunity to interview, mention one point that really stood out to you from the interview, and clarify your interest or any points that you felt were left unclear.

2. Helps you to stand out automatically above other job seekers.
Many forget this step but doing so shows that you appreciate the time they spent getting to know you and vice versa.

3. Demonstrates your written communication skills.
Ask someone to look over what you have written prior to sending it to the employer. Make sure they check for spelling and grammatical errors!