Top Ten Jobs

The listings included below were made available to the Career Development Center by the employers. The CDC is informing students of these opportunities, not providing recommendation or endorsement.

Current Top Ten Jobs

As publicized in the CDC Newsletter released on 10/1/15. To apply for these jobs and many others, log into LyonNet.

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CommunicateHealth, Inc. - Front End Web Developer (LyonNet #40164)
Want to make a difference in the world using your computer science skills? Join CommunicateHealth and help to develop the systems that will allow people to better access the healthcare they need. Apply soon - the deadline is October 5th! (Northampton, MA, Rockville, MD, or remote)
MEF Associates - Research Assistant (LyonNet #39213)
Join MEF in improving the lives of those people who need it the most by helping to conduct research into the ways in which public policies affect those living in the real world. Apply soon - the deadline is October 5th! (Seattle, WA)
Options for College - College Counselor (LyonNet #35432)
If you're passionate about higher education and want to encourage and assist students in getting into the college for their dreams, then the Counselor position may be for you! You'll make a difference in the lives of students who don't know where they're going yet, and even some who do. (New York City, NY)
Goldman Sachs - Legal Program Analyst (LyonNet #39965)
The Legal Team at Goldman Sachs is looking for analytical individuals with strong communications skills to join them in 2016. Work with the team on a variety of legal issues to serve Goldman Sachs' clients. (New York City, NY)
Boston Children's Hospital - Clinical Data Specialist (LyonNet #36903)
Looking for an opportunity to work in a hospital setting before going on to graduate school? As a Clinical Data Specialist at Boston Children's Hospital, you'll be joining a brand new program to help provide prompt and accurate data for doctors and specialists, gaining hands-on experience in the medical field. (Boston, MA)
Success Charter Network and Success Academies - Associate Teacher (LyonNet #39079)
Passionate individuals who are committed to teaching will find this opportunity at Success Charter Network a thrilling and rewarding position. Earn your Master's degree as you work in the classroom, gaining hands-on learning experience and working closely with your students. (New York City, NY)
DE Shaw Research - Computational Biochemistry Research Group (LyonNet #33143)
Opportunities are available about DE Shaw Research, working on the front lines of medical experimentation! At DE Shaw, you'll be part of a team of extraordinary people who are dedicated to finding answers to the challenges facing the world today. (New York City, NY)
The University of Texas Medical Branch - Internet Production Designer (LyonNet #39223)
Become the Internet Production Designer at the University of Texas! You'll be responsible for all kinds of web development, using your experience with computers and web design to promote the Medical Branch of UT. (Galveston, TX)
Hillstone Restaurant Group - Training Program in Restaurant and Culinary Management (LyonNet #39632)
Through this program with Hillstone Restaurant Group, you'll gain valuable hands-on experience in the day-to-day running and management of restaurants. No matter what your major, if you have an interest in the culinary arts, this is an opportunity you won't want to miss. (Multiple Cities, Nationwide)
PepsiCo - Strategy Analyst (LyonNet #39891)
Work with one of the biggest names in the food industry and help to guide the future of the company. As a member of the Global Strategy team, you'll be instrumental in developing the goals and strategies of PepsiCo, shaping the food industry of the future. (Purchase, NY)

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