Top Ten Jobs

The listings included below were made available to the Career Development Center by the employers. The CDC is informing students of these opportunities, not providing recommendation or endorsement.

Current Top Ten Jobs

As publicized in the CDC Newsletter released on 4/9/15. To apply for these jobs and many others, log into LyonNet.

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Smith College - Research Assistant: Biodiversity of Marine Ciliates (LyonNet #36392)
Stay in the area by studying marine ciliates at Smith College! If you're interested in biodiversity, DNA sequencing, and microbiology, this is the ideal opportunity for you. (Northampton, MA)

Argus Information and Advisory Services - Consulting Analyst (LyonNet #29939)
Help Argus's clients find unique solutions to their problems with your analytical skills! In this fast-growing company, you'll have the opportunity to hone your skills as a consultant. (San Fransisco, CA & White Plains, NY)
East Harlem Tutorial Program - ELL Support Teacher (LyonNet #36239)
As an English Language Learner Support Teacher, you'll be helping students to succeed in school to the best of their ability by giving them the support and tools they need to learn English. Familiarty and comfort with Spanish preferred. (New York City, NY)
Massachusetts General Hospital - Research Assistant (LyonNet #36766)
Eager to gain real-world experience in the sciences before attending graduate school? Join the Massachusetts General Hospital to study infectious diseases and microbiology. Your work could help save lives. (Boston, MA)
Thomas & Associates - Gallery Preparator (LyonNet #35543)
Work at the renowned Contemporary Art Gallery, Thomas & Associates! You'll be responsible for the installation of exhibits and handling various works of art. (New York City, NY)

Boston University Medical Center Campus - Clinical Research Assistant (LyonNet #35527)
Study the long-term effects of Alzheimer's, dementia, and other neurological issues. This two-year position is ideal for those who would like to study psychology or neuroscience and want to explore their options before graduate school. (Boston, MA)

Subatomic Studios - Software Engineer (LyonNet #29403)
Love mobile games? Interested in helping to create new ones? Join Subatomic Studios as a Software Engineer! Creative individuals will love programming new and exciting games for mobile devices. (Cambridge, MA)
iHeartMedia, Inc. - 101.7 The Bull On-Air Talent (LyonNet #36528)
Got a passion for country music and a unique radio voice? Join 101.7, a new country radio station, and engage your dreams! The more social media knowledge and music background you have, the better. (Medford, MD)
Maine Conservation Corps - Field Team (LyonNet #36647)
Spend this summer working with the Maine Conservation Corps and help to preserve the environment. There are many opportunities available involving trailbuilding, conservation, and raising awareness. (Augusta, ME)
National Environmental Law Center - Paralegal/Administrator (LyonNet #35151)
Become a core member of the litigation team at the National Environmental Law Center. You'll be fighting for the legal protections of the environment, and your research and coordination skills will be honed and utilized. (Boston, MA)