Top Ten Jobs

The listings included below were made available to the Career Development Center by the employers. The CDC is informing students of these opportunities, not providing recommendation or endorsement.

Current Top Ten Jobs

As publicized in the CDC Newsletter released on 10/24/14. To apply for these jobs and many others, log into LyonNet.

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Clean Energy Group - Program Associate (LyonNet #31967)         
Work with Clean Energy Group to promote sustainable energy resources. You'll be particularly focused on the Resilient Power Project, which works to help maintain power even when the grid goes down. (Montpelier, VT)

The Huffington Post - Research Editor (LyonNet #32274)             
Love the Huffington Post? Got a passion for research and discovering information that was previously unknown? Become a research editor for this big-name online news source! (New York City, NY)
BookBub - Business Analyst (LyonNet #32120)   
Help this startup optimize their business! With your analytical skills, you'll connect avid readers with ebook deals, support the company's team, and much more!
(Cambridge, MA)
LiveRamp - Software Engineer (LyonNet #32246)             
If you've got a wide variety of specialties, a proactive personality, and a passion for software, work at LiveRamp! In the heart of San Fransisco, you'll be at the forefront of technology innovation. (San Francisco, CA)
Nuru International - Agriculture Program Specialist (LyonNet # 31030)  
Manage Nuru's Agriculture Program strategy in Ethiopia. You'll be responsible for overseeing the program, working closely with others to refine and develop the program to its full potential. (Zefine, Ethiopia)
Boston Children's Hospital - Clinical Data Specialist (LyonNet #31713)   
Using new tools for analysis, you'll work with Boston Children's Hospital to provide the best pediatric care possible. If you are passionate about healthcare and medicine, this could be your opportunity. (Boston, MA)
Teach Kentucky - Full Time Teacher (LyonNet #31986)  
Teach in high priority public schools in Kentucky, while at the same time getting a Masters in the Art of Teaching. You'll get intensive training and one-on-one mentorship with former and current Kentucky schoolteachers. (Louisville, KY)
Stanford Law School - Research Fellow (LyonNet #32671)    
This fellowship provides a unique opportunity for those considering graduate, law, or business school in the future. Prior Fellows have matriculated to Ph.D. programs at Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and MIT, and law school at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Columbia! (Stanford, CA)

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - Director's Financial Analyst (LyonNet #31586)
As a Director’s Financial Analyst, you will contribute your skills in data and policy analysis, structured thinking, and problem-solving to help frame and influence substantive policy choices and agency-wide strategy.  (Washington, DC)
Marcus Autism Center - Simons Fellowship in Computational Neuroscience (LyonNet #32431)                
The Marcus Autism Center is a leading institution for clinical research of autism. This is a great opportunity for those with a broad experience in computation and an interest in applying those skills to a field of research with direct clinical impact.  (Atlanta, GA)