Top Ten Jobs

The listings included below were made available to the Career Development Center by the employers. The CDC is informing students of these opportunities, not providing recommendation or endorsement.

Current Top Ten Jobs

As publicized in the CDC Newsletter released on 02/07/14. To apply for these jobs and many others, log into LyonNet.

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BGF Consulting LLC - Admissions Coordinator (LyonNet #28385)
Work with BGF on college campuses, alerting students to internship opportunities available with the company. By recruiting for BGF, you'll be helping students to pursue their careers. (Nationwide)

Tesla Motors - Kanban Coordinator (LyonNet #29039)
Tesla Motors is at the forefront of electric car manufacturing. As Kanban Coordinator, you will allow the company to use the most efficient inventory system and keep up with increasing demand. (Fremont, CA)

Radio Disney - Promotional Manager (LyonNet #28343)
Coordinate promotions for Radio Disney. You'll have a variety of responsibilities and be in charge of a diverse group of people. It's fun for the whole family! (Waltham, MA)

Massachusetts General Hospital - Clinical Research Coordinator (LyonNet #28420)
Within this small lab setting, you will have the opportunity to combat Type I diabetes, gain experience in conducting clinical trials under FDC supervision, and work on a project leading to publication. (Boston, MA)

Ameson Education and Culture Exchange Foundation - Teacher (LyonNet #27846)
Teach for one academic year at a secondary school, primary school, or adult learning center in China. in addition to a stipend, you will receive free Chinese language classes, housing, a flight reimbursement, and more. (China)

U.S. Office of Special Counsel - Investigator (LyonNet #28610)
Promote governmental accountability by protecting whistle-blowers and others from reprisal and abuses of power. Investigate allegations of illegal or immoral governmental activity. (Washington, D.C.)

Neufeld, Scheck, & Brustin - Paralegal (LyonNet #27668)
Fight injustice through civil rights litigation! You'll have a variety of responsibilities assisting the lawyers at NSB. Great for those interested in pursuing a law career! (New York City, NY)

Bay State Community Services - Residential Counselor Awake Overnight (LyonNet #28245)
Serve your community through your job as a Residential Counselor. You'll care for children and young adults and provide a variety of services for residents. (Hingham, MA)

Columbia University Medical Center - Research Assistant (LyonNet #28115)
Study eating disorders and their treatments at Columbia University. This two-year position is excellent preparation for a career in clinical research or psychology! (New York City, NY)

Benz Communications - Writer and Copy Editor (LyonNet #29087)
If you've got the AP Stylebook memorized, this is the job for you! Work as an editor and proofreader for multimedia campaigns and communication strategies. (Nationwide)