Class Boards

What are the Class Boards?

The class boards are elected members of each class year, whose primary duties are to bring their class together by sponsoring activities that promote group cohesion and bonding. Each class board is responsible for carrying on some of the most important Mount Holyoke traditions. The rising sophomore, junior, and senior boards are elected in the spring for the following academic year while the first year board is elected in September. The class boards share a common guiding constitution.

To learn more about what class boards do, or to find out how to run for class boards, contact the Office of Student Involvement.

How to Connect

Want to join the Class Boards?

Elections are held in the Fall for the first year class board. Elections for the positions on the other boards are held in the Spring. If you are interested in running for a position, please visit the All Campus Elections website

Current Officers serving 2019-2020

2020 Class Board
President: Olivia Vejcik
Vice President: Rebecca Piperno
Class Senator: Erica Grenger
Social Chairs: Kate Meacham and Minerva Vesser-Bobea
Secretary: Amal Fadoo
Treasurer: Faryal Mirza

2021 Class Board
President: Gracie Fisher
Vice President: Naomi Brown
Class Senator: Casey Roepke
Social Chair: Caitlyn Richmond
Secretary: position vacant
Treasurer: position vacant

2022 Class Board
President: Lea Sleiman
Vice President: Domenica Guaman
Class Senator: Sophie Vincent
Social Chairs: Elle Bukosky and Sierra Millay
Secretary: Imaan Moin
Treasurer: Linda Ma

2023 Class Board
The 2023 Class Board will be elected in October 2019.