Introducing the graduates of 2018

The class of 2018 is on the cusp of Commencement.

They are ready to live and work in a global world, because they already have. They are ready to teach, lead, research, organize and advocate, because they already have. They are ready to tackle oppression and injustice, because they already have. They are ready to say yes — to people, to opportunities, to challenges — because they already have.

In blurring lines between living and being, learning and doing, the Mount Holyoke experience prepares students to thrive in complexity, act with intention and think with compassion.

Before they fan out into the world, meet some members of the class of 2018. Hear where they are headed and how Mount Holyoke helped propel their paths.

Photo of Saltanat Ansari ’18
“Mount Holyoke is the place where I have learned how to unlearn and relearn, a process that involved giving up and adopting notions.”
Photo of Shelby De Sarno ’18
“I found great camaraderie and support in the geology department. They helped me shape my academic and career goals, and have fun along the way.”
Photo of Brandy Williamson ’18
“Mount Holyoke has taught me how to be an advocate for change, not just when it benefits me, but for the greater good.”
Photo of April L. Graham FP’18
“Instead of settling for a seat at the table, Mount Holyoke prepared me to build the table. I’m ready to sketch out and build the next table.”
Srishti Palani ’18
“I learned to ask questions fearlessly and make mistakes. No one knows everything. The only way to learn and move forward is by asking and doing.”
Photo of Maria Jaleh McTeigue ’18
“I designed the first undergraduate curriculum in neuroscience and law, an emerging field known as neurolaw, typically present only in graduate programs.”
Photo of Danielle Brown ’18
“The gates of the College truly open to another world. Each interaction requires us all to take an introspective look at our values as well as our biases.”
Photo of Advika Mukherjee ’18
“Mount Holyoke facilitates close friendships through small class size, close-knit residential halls and now the new Dining Commons.”
Photo of Michelle Bello ’18
“As a first-generation student and woman of color, I am proud to have discovered how to become an advocate for issues I’m passionate about.”
Photo of Martha King-Devine ’18, Frances Perkins Scholar
“Working with my former mentor solidified my decision to pursue ASL. I would not have had this opportunity if it weren’t for my Lynk internship.”
Photo of Sadikshya Bhattarai ’18
“A key takeaway from my research and internship experiences is that ‘a mind once stretched can never go back to its original dimensions.’”
Phot of Erin Murdock ’18
“I never dreamed that a course requirement would help me mold an internship into an application for graduate school.”
Photo of Muyuan Li ’18
“I can’t believe how lucky I am — to be able to learn from and work closely with a scientist I’ve been admiring for so long!”
“I want to lend my experience and what I have learned at this institution to the Puerto Rican diaspora that has grown since Hurricane Maria.”
Photo of Sophie Perekslis ’18 playing field hockey
“Undoubtedly, I would not be the person I am today if I had not played field hockey for Mount Holyoke College.”
Photo of Sarzah Yeasmin ’18
“I was able to articulate and argue with students I did not agree with because of the challenging yet inclusive academic space fostered by Professor Pyle.”
Photo of Deborah Fashole-Luke ’18
“It’s amazing for me to be a part of making others feel at home, where they can grow personally and in their writing skills, and make lasting connections.”
Photo of Anne Ryan FP’18
“Mount Holyoke taught me to say yes — to people, to opportunities, to fighting oppression, to being a citizen of the world.”
Photo of Yinzhi Xu ’18
“My proudest accomplishment is that I will graduate with a degree in English. Four years ago, in my first English class, I understood almost nothing.”
Photo of Ishita Tibrewal ’18
“Friends, advisors, coaches and teammates eased my transition to college and helped me chase my goal of making a better world for women through sports.”
Photo of Kaitlin Braz ’18
“Jared Schwartzer taught me that my thoughts matter. He gave me the confidence of my own voice and ability to critique.”
Photo of Jennifer Kalbourji ’18
“I intend to continue serving marginalized students and addressing gaps in educational opportunity and achievement.”