Introducing the graduates of 2019

They started at Mount Holyoke as first-year students, transfer students, Posse scholars, student-athletes, first-generation students and more. This May, they are graduating collectively as alumnae, a distinction they have earned for life. And in the space between these milestones, members of the class of 2019 followed their passions and curiosity, and learned so many things: That it’s OK not to know everything. To always ask questions. How to navigate the intersections of their own identities or transcend barriers and doubts. How to see history and the world from more perspectives. How to connect with empathy and how to embrace complexity.

Congratulations and best wishes to all graduating members of the class of 2019 — a few of whom have shared senior reflections here.

Photo of Khadija El Karfi ’19
“My classes gave me the opportunity to amplify my voice and to become part of the literary voices that aim to reshape North Africa’s narratives.”
Photo of Colby Newsham ’19
“My proudest accomplishment was winning the NEWMAC field hockey championship. The story of our season epitomizes resilience, heart and dedication.”
Phoo of Leah Keeffe ’19
“I learned that it’s OK not to know everything, and that I really like research. Being curious will get you far.”
Phoo of Ragini Ghose ’19
“I am proud of the person I am today, thanks to the experiences, classes and people I have had the privilege to meet and interact with at Mount Holyoke.”
Photo of Nada Al-Thawr ’19
“Mount Holyoke has been a home away from home. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to join such a beautiful community.”
Photo of Sarah Fite FP’19
“I am keenly aware of how important it is to take the opportunities that present themselves. To be brave. To throw your heart in the ring.”
Photo of Kannah Landford ’19
“After visiting my sister here, I knew this was the school for me. Being able to tell people that I go to Mount Holyoke is something I take pride in.”
Photo of Virginia Guerra ’19
“My proudest accomplishment was when a student told me that because of my help and my lessons, she was able able to get an A on her Italian exam.”
Photo of Kimberly Foreiter ’19
“I found access to professors and mentors who helped me navigate the intersections in my identity within the unfamiliar realm of higher education.”
Photo of Stephani Lopez Rodriguez MAT’19
“In order to teach, you must lead with love. Every day is worth it if you intentionally choose to love your students every day.”
Photo of Lisa Garrity ’19
“I was honored to be chosen as a peer mentor for the computer science department. I appreciated the opportunity to support students in the same way I was.”
Photo of Barbara Marquez ’19
“At Mount Holyoke, I learned that wherever I am, if I have passion for what I’m doing, I have the power to foster the things I care about most.”
Photo of Emily Isakson ’19
“Working in the archives has shown me how well Mount Holyoke stands up to the test of time, how it adapts and how it keeps what is important at its core.”
Photo of Madison Poore ’19
“I felt a great sense of accomplishment presenting my internship work at LEAP. I was really proud of what I accomplished and grateful for the funding.”