Introducing the graduates of 2020

The newest almost-alums of Mount Holyoke College are smart, passionate, curious, flexible, accomplished. Congratulations and best wishes to the members of the class of 2020, some of whom have shared their stories.

Linda Zhang ’20
“I’ve definitely felt encouraged to be engaged about other social issues, to learn about issues not necessarily pertaining to my own identity.”
Eleanor Harris '20
“It’s fun to be fluent in the areas of computer science and sociology. Not every computer science major at every school has been exposed to these ideas.”
Michelle Serrano ’20
“Mount Holyoke students are at the forefront of wanting to see change and be active in that process. Everyone’s voice is important and deserves to be heard
Joanne Lee MAT'20
“I love that they’re teaching us how to teach math in an engaging way, which is exactly how the professors teach it to us.”
Neorgia Grant ’20
“Mount Holyoke has helped me understand my self-worth. I’m becoming the student, the woman I’ve always envisioned myself to be.”
Sal Cosmedy ’20
“I want prospective students to say, ‘When I come to Mount Holyoke, I can make a difference on campus. There are avenues and funding to get involved.’”
Cassie Sanderell FP'20
“I’ve been encouraged to follow my passions and discover things about myself that I never knew. I’ve found my voice in a big way and I’m so thankful.”
Marisol Fernandez ’20
“At Mount Holyoke, we have a philanthropic sense of thinking. No matter what field you go into, we always want to give back, make things better.”
Miel Marwah ’20
“Mount Holyoke has pushed me to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I’ve gained understanding and appreciation for people who see things differently.”
Kayla Taylor ’20
“A really important lesson I’ve learned is, regardless of what I’m lacking, to recognize that I do have privilege and I can use it to help other people.”
Erica Grenger '20
“My worldview is more inclusive after being at Mount Holyoke. I can see things from other perspectives. I like to see how other people see things.”
Olivia Vejcik ’20
“I like not being afraid to raise my hand in class. I like not being afraid to speak my mind. Mount Holyoke gave me the power and the ability to do that.”
Emma Taylor '20
“My professor was so good I decided to make Italian my major. Then I decided to study abroad and that changed my life, as clichéd as that sounds.”
Ashlee Jones '20
“I was always willing to fight for my opinion, but Mount Holyoke gave me the words to say whatever I want in the most effective way.”