Karen Jennings Lewis

Baccalaureatte 2014

Karen Jennings Lewis ’74


You have received the best education possible. It is what you should wish for every person on the planet. For those of you who plan to teach, there are no shortcuts to learning your craft.  There are organizations that can seduce you into thinking you’re ready to take on that challenge simply because you’re among the best and the brightest, but do not be fooled by magic bullets. Remember that all children regardless of life conditions, deserve well-trained, committed teachers.

I ask you all, no matter your path forward to, remember that Mary Lyon charged us all to do good works as we go forward. As I watched you place the Laurel Chain around her grave, I saw your joy. Carry that and the courage Mary Lyon exhibited throughout your lives. If you ever find yourself in a position in which you, with all the best of intentions are doing harm, you must speak up. Loudly with conviction, never let expediency, fear or complicity stand in the way of joy, truth, and justice.