Mary Graham Davis

Baccalaureatte 2014

Mary Graham Davis, chair of the board of trustees

Good morningOn behalf of the Board of Trustees and by the authority of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I am pleased to call the 177th Commencement of Mount Holyoke College to order.     

Let me be the first to offer official congratulations to the members of the Class of 2014 and to all the family, friends, and all others who share credit for helping these young women get to this pivotal point in their lives.    

Class of 2014: your years at Mount Holyoke have been a journey – your individual academic achievements have been many, your personal  growth through friendships and co–curricular activities will stay with you for life, and your understanding of today’s global  world has been strongly embedded. Indeed, your horizons have expanded more than you could have imagined when you first stepped on this campus.

The journey of life-long learning and greater personal understanding will continue as you leave South Hadley today and travel to the four corners of the world in pursuit of Mary Lyon’s mission of “purposeful engagement.” You now join our 35,000 alumnae actively making this world a better place. Join us, find us, be active with us as we support each other and the College in many ways.

And to our certificate recipients, post-baccalaureate and master’s degree students, men and women, you too become part of a rich tapestry of alumni whom we welcome into the fold.

As you leave our gates, you will carry with you the memories of this beautiful campus, the special relationships with friends, faculty and staff, and you will know that you have the skills and experience to achieve your dreams. So have the courage to dream BIG and the fortitude to accomplish great things.

Congratulations and my best wishes to all of you in the Class of 2014.