Meet the class of 2022

The newest almost-alums of Mount Holyoke College are smart, passionate, curious, flexible, accomplished. Congratulations and best wishes to the members of the class of 2022, some of whom have shared their stories.

Jaxzia Perez
“The College doesn’t teach you how to think; [it] give[s] you the resources to think on your own.”
Michaela Phelan
“It was the enthusiasm of my professors that really captured my interest.”
Jaia Colognese ’22
“Every time I make a connection with someone because of Mount Holyoke or stand up for myself, I just think, ‘Yeah, that is where I was supposed to go.’”
Faustina Ejiofor
“I’ve learned to never count myself out. Other people will look at you and dismiss you, but I’ve learned to use that as drive.“
Tenzin Amdo
“I definitely feel the warmth of the Mount Holyoke community while I am on campus, but I found it to be a [real] source of strength during my time abroad.
Aiesha Thomas
“[Mount Holyoke] truly made me feel like I was part of the community.”
Kiley Dugan
“At Mount Holyoke I’ve learned that I can truly do what I set my mind to.”
Maya Sopory
“[Mount Holyoke has] given me the time and space to grow so that I’m much more secure in how I’m going into the world.”
Saachi Khandpur
“When I finally saw my dorm in real life, stood outside and looked around, I was happy — incredibly happy.”
Chisato Kimura
“[Mount Holyoke has] pushed me to demand justice for others, and they’ve shown me what true advocacy for other communities looks like.”
Shiloh Cooper
“[Mount Holyoke has] given me the confidence and space to explore myself in a way I haven’t been able to before.”
Shannon Bennett
“I like the holistic approach MHC takes to learning. It’s not just about memorizing things but understanding how a concept we’re learning is relevant.”
 Mei Fujimori-Henderson
“Mount Holyoke taught me a lot about how important it is to listen to and work with others.”
Felix Bryan
“It has been really uplifting to have so much support for nontraditional opportunities & carving my own path back into the dance world through academics.”
Emma Legacki
“It was amazing coming to campus and having an immediate group of people that you could be friends with and people to show you around.”
Elena Frogameni
“In my four years at MHC, I’ve found joy in every corner of campus as professors, students and staff share in the excitement of learning in community.”
Lucy Manlick
“Mount Holyoke has been exceptionally good at fostering my voice.”
Alex Moreno
“Knowing yourself is the biggest thing.”
Sommer Huntress
“My time at Mount Holyoke allowed me to gain the confidence that I feel has always been deep within me.”
Sophia Jung
“I want students to know that Mount Holyoke offers so much for students, and they can make the most of their experience here.”