Meet the Graduates of 2015

The class of 2015 is ready to launch. They’re leaving Mount Holyoke with big accomplishments, bold ambitions, and all the tools to succeed.

Since arriving here from all over the globe, members of the class of 2015 have excelled in every area of the liberal arts. They have explored internships, pursued special majors, studied abroad, participated in independent research—all while championing their causes and connecting with their passions.

Here’s an introduction to some of the more than 600 seniors who, like Mount Holyoke itself, believe not only in facing change, but also in leading it.

Emily Donaldson
“Mount Holyoke provides opportunities to turn goals into accomplishments, while exploring a range of subjects, friendships, and running trails!”

Priyanka Krishnamoorthy
“Don't discount…a single-sex education. The education you get at Mount Holyoke is unique and unparalleled, and you will grow into a true leader.”

Stéphanie Maître
“Embrace the unknown and trust the process. There is truly something for everyone here, so step out of your comfort zone and explore!”

Bahia Marks
“At Mount Holyoke I’ve seen women take charge and create beauty from nothing but an idea. The capacity to impact change is immense. Be bold, be brilliant.”

Dominique Mortimer
“Do the work to make this experience one that you will talk about for the rest of your life.”

Emma Murphy
“Mount Holyoke is truly an unique, transformative experience. If you are looking for a place that will help you find your voice…this is it.”

Olivia Papp
“… After taking classes on campus, off campus, and in another country, I would choose Mount Holyoke again. Every time. No questions asked.”

Zoe Snow
“Mount Holyoke is full of mentors and people who are rooting for your success and will ensure that you find your interests and passions while you are here.”