Meet the Graduates of 2016

The class of 2016 is ready to launch. They’re leaving Mount Holyoke with big accomplishments, bold ambitions, and all the tools to succeed.

Since arriving here from all over the globe, members of the class of 2016 have excelled in every area of the liberal arts. They have explored internships, pursued special majors, studied abroad, participated in independent research—all while championing their causes and connecting with their passions.

Here’s an introduction to the graduating seniors who, like Mount Holyoke itself, believe not only in facing change, but also in leading it.

Image of Kate Applegate '16

Kate Applegate
"It is here that I've been able to cultivate my opinions, find my voice, and learn when it is my turn to listen."

Image of Katie Ho ‘16

Katie Ho
"I was surprised at how much I learned about my own multiracial identity and behavior through the Psychology of Racism course."

Image of Nikita Khan ‘16

Nikita Khan
“Mount Holyoke has encouraged me to speak my mind, to challenge the system, and to instigate change.”

Image of Kelly Lim ’16

Kelly Lim
"Because of my experiences at Mount Holyoke, I have learned to embrace unexpected changes. I trust that everything happens for a reason and that things will eventually fall into place and form a beautiful puzzle."

Image of Geena Molinaro ’16

Geena Molinaro
"When I spoke at Senior Symposium about my research, I felt like I had accomplished so much. It is the perfect way to conclude my time at MHC."

Image of Evelyn I. Perez-Landron '16

Evelyn I. Perez-Landron
"I am confident to face anything I set my mind to in any part of the world because of the tools that Mount Holyoke has provided me."

Image of Ariela Schnyer '16

Ariela Schnyer
"I have been lucky enough through my time at Mount Holyoke to experience a variety of research and internship experiences that have challenged my conceptions of how to be involved in science and health care."

Image of Kennedy Warner ’16

Kennedy Warner
"From my first day of my first theater class I have felt supported by the faculty and staff, to the point where I changed my major to theater."