Parking on Commencement Weekend

Commencement guests may park in any any legal parking space (including faculty, staff, or student parking space) on Saturday and Sunday. Parking is not allowed in tow zones, handicapped spaces without proper permit, or on campus lawns. Cars cannot park along the Laurel Parade route on Saturday morning or on the inner part of the campus on Commencement Day. Parking may be available in the peripheral lots (Equestrian, Gorse, Jewitt Lot, Mary Lyon, Ham‐MacGregor, or grass lot on the corner of Morgan St. and Route 116).

Disabled Guests

You will be able to drop guests off at Kendall Hall. All vehicles must then be parked in a marked space.

Cars in Illegal Parking Areas Will Be Towed

We will tow cars at the owner’s expense if they block emergency or delivery access to a residence hall, handicapped zones without proper permit and any tow zones, or if they are on the Saturday morning parade route, which will be clearly marked.

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