Stoling Ceremony

Friday, May 15, 2015
6:00 PM in Mary Woolley Hall, Chapin Auditorium

For graduating students of color, this ceremony, which was first held in May 2005, serves as an opportunity for the student, parents, faculty, staff, and friends to get together and celebrate their achievements. Additionally, this ceremony offers an opportunity for graduating students of color to acknowledge someone that has inspired them and also reflect on their experiences here. This person, the mentor, has to be connected to Mount Holyoke College and can be faculty or staff. The mentor bestows the Kente cloth stole or sash.

2015 Planning Committee

Angelica Castro
Rene Davis, Chair
Latrina Denson 
Rosemary Jackson
Ruby Maddox
Irasema Perrault

For information about the Stoling Ceremony, or the accessibility of the event, please email