Reservation Form

Graduating Students of Color Participation Form

Dear Graduating Seniors of Color,

By filling out this form you acknowledge your active participation in the 2018 Stoling Ceremony which will be held on Friday, May 18 at 6 pm in Chapin Auditorium.

All students who want to participate in the Stoling Ceremony MUST submit this form NO LATER THAN Friday, April 20, 11:59 pm.

NOTE: You Must attend the Stoling Ceremony  Rehearsal and the Stoling Ceremony event in order to receive a stole unless there is an emergency or unforeseen concern. 

We recognize that this year's commencement activities fall during Ramadan. Therefore, we are excited to announcee that the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life will sponsor a Jumma Dinner for students and their guest(s). If you are planning on participating in the Jumma Dinner, please answer "yes" below so that we may ensure that your mentor can bestow you prior to your departure. 

Note: Each graduating senior will choose a(n) favorite/inspiring/supportive member of the MHC community who will bestow the kente cloth (who need not be a person of color). You may choose a dean,dining staff, administrative staff, financial aid advisor, custodian, faculty, area coordinator, or any other previously or currently EMPLOYED staff member who has made a positive impact on you during your academic career at Mount Holyoke.