Editorial Style Guide

The Mount Holyoke College editorial style guide serves to ensure consistency and accuracy in the print and digital communications of the College. We encourage communicators across campus to follow the style guide and use it as a resource.

The style guide is currently available in a searchable PDF format.

The latest edition of the Associated Press Stylebook Online serves as Mount Holyoke’s primary reference for style, with the Chicago Manual of Style as a secondary source. Please check AP first for questions of language, style, usage and spelling.

The latest online edition of Webster’s New World College Dictionary is the College’s dictionary of choice. When alternate spellings of a word are included in the dictionary, use the first.

The online campus map is also a quick source for verifying College terms and locations.

The style guide, which continues to evolve, also includes a section on in-house style and addresses specific cases where the College's needs outweigh the rules of any particular guidelines. 

Please direct any questions, suggestions or corrections to the Office of Communications and Marketing at 413-538-2899 or online.