Green Printing

In the Office of Communications and Marketing, we’re committed to supporting the College’s practice of sustainability. We reduce the environmental impact of our work by:

  • Producing smaller, shorter print projects whenever possible
  • Working with environmentally minded printers who are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and dedicated to reducing a project’s environmental impact
  • Choosing paper that has a high level of post-consumer waste content (30 percent or higher) and is manufactured using better bleaching solutions
  • Using vegetable-based inks and nontoxic digital toners
  • Educating the public about green practices by including information on print projects (such as the FSC logo, paper manufacturer, and recycled content)

In addition, we use recycled paper in our office printers and copy machines and we print and copy documents two-sided whenever possible. Environmental stewardship matters to us on a personal level as well—for example, many of us use travel mugs for our beverages and carry reusable cloth bags as an alternative to paper or plastic.