Communications Staff


Carly Kite

Director of Strategic Marketing & Communications
Image of Carly Kite

Aaron Haesaert

Director of Branding & Creative Services
Image of Aaron Haesaert

Keely Savoie

Interim Director of Media Relations
Image of Keely Savoie

Brian Stoffer

Director of Web Communications and Development


Grace Fitzpatrick

Creative Video & Multimedia Manager
Image of Grace Fitzpatrick

Deb Garrity

Web Developer
Image of Deb Garrity

Melissa Incampo

Assistant to the Vice President

Emily Malloy

Image of Emily Malloy

Leah Masci

Web Developer

Sasha Nyary

Senior Writer and Copyeditor
Image of Sasha Nyary

Alexandra Puffer

Digital Content Manager
Image of Alexandra Puffer

Alison West

Senior Web Developer

Vice President

Christine Hutchins

Vice President for Communications and Marketing
Christine Hutchins