Communications Staff

Vice President

Charles L. Greene II

Vice President for Communications and Marketing
Charles L. Greene II


Jessica Ayer

Marketing & Communications Associate, Alumnae Association

Jessica Ayer serves as the class notes editor for the Alumnae Quarterly magazine, managing more than 100 class scribes, and is the magazine’s fact checker and a contributing writer. She is also oversees class and club communications, manages promotional inventory, copy edits print materials for the Alumnae Association and is the project manager for the Association’s marketing and communications team.

Christian Feuerstein

Director of News and Media Relations

Christian Feuerstein leads the media team in the Office of Communications and Marketing and is the key media strategist for efforts spanning the entire College. She develops and implements proactive media strategies and tactics and collaborates with various officers, divisions and colleagues on media outreach and inquiries.

Grace Fitzpatrick

Creative Video & Multimedia Manager

Grace Fitzpatrick leads the Office of Communications and Marketing’s efforts to promote Mount Holyoke College through video and multimedia. She collaborates with campus partners to create compelling narratives about faculty, students and alumnae that reflect Mount Holyoke’s mission and advance the brand.

Image of Grace Fitzpatrick

Deb Garrity

Director of Web Communications and Development

Deb Garrity manages the webteam in the Office of Communications and works with campus partners to develop strategies for organizing and displaying web content. She is responsible for providing the tools and training necessary for content creators to tell the stories of the College across digital platforms.

Image of Deb Garrity

Jennifer Grow ’94

Editor, Quarterly Magazine, Alumnae Association

Aaron Haesaert

Director of Branding & Creative Services

As creative director in the Office of Communications and Marketing, Aaron Haesaert works with campus partners to conceptualize and express the visual aspects of the Mount Holyoke brand and its communication strategies across cross-channel marketing environments.

Image of Aaron Haesaert

Melissa Incampo

Assistant to the Vice President for Marketing and Communications

Melissa Incampo maintains the schedule of the vice president for marketing and communications, assists in managing special projects, drafts correspondence and presentations and coordinates various aspects of interdepartmental communication. She collaborates with directors to record and maintain project deliverables. She also balances the department’s monthly budgets, assists with purchasing and expense reconciliation, and oversees all office management.

Melissa Incampo, Assistant to the Vice President

Marina Li

Digital Designer

Working under the leadership of the director of branding and creative services, Marina Li is responsible for developing and implementing creative designs for all types of traditional, digital and social marketing materials for the College.

Emily Malloy

Copywriter and Copy Editor

Emily Malloy partners with colleagues College-wide to meet their print and digital communication needs, including the writing and copy editing of text. In her work with students, she manages the penning of firsthand accounts on The Gates blog. Within the marketing team, she helps shape content strategy and the College’s voice.

Image of Emily Malloy

Stacie Murray

Director of Marketing and Communications Strategy

Stacie Murray develops and furthers marketing and communications strategy to be aligned with Mount Holyoke’s priorities. She oversees content integration across all channels and platforms. She coordinates and supports communicators across campus. Murray also serves as the communications point person for advancement and alumnae audiences.

Sasha Nyary

Senior Editor

As managing editor of the website, Sasha Nyary assigns, writes and edits news articles, features and profiles, and other web content, while providing guidance and standards for the editorial content of the entire College. Working closely with the communications directors, she helps create and execute editorial strategy, develop the College’s brand, and keep it consistent across platforms and content types. She oversees the College’s editorial style guide.

Photo of Sasha Nyary

Alexandra Puffer

Associate Director of Marketing, Communications, and Social Media

Alexandra Puffer is responsible for social media strategy and execution at the College, leading a student team of digital content assistants and creating and maintaining a fresh and relevant online strategy. In addition to managing the College’s social media accounts, Puffer is responsible for various client initiatives, programs and platforms, including the development of integrated marketing campaigns and leadership of strategic communications projects.

Image of Alexandra Puffer

Jessica Riel

Digital Content Strategist for Alumnae Engagement

Jessica Riel is a part of the marketing and communications team of the Alumnae Association. She interviews alumnae and faculty and shares their stories and successes with the alumnae community, creates content and strategies for the Association’s website, email campaigns and social media channels, and writes for The Quarterly.

Millie Rossman-Kidd

Creative Director, Alumnae Association

Keely Savoie Sexton

Media Relations Manager

As media relations manager, Sexton develops and maintains relationships with the media, working closely with campus partners to provide the media with timely and accurate information about College events, programs and initiatives. She also works with the senior editor to create fresh and compelling stories for the website.

Image of Keely Savoie

Sage Orville Shea

Digital Content Strategist

Sage Shea works across the College’s digital platforms — website, social media and media campaigns — to tailor content in order to optimize search engine results (SEO). He uses keywording to target subpages and content in order to help users find information relevant to them. He works heavily with Google Analytics to guide content culling, calls to action and web strategy. He also uses A/B testing, market segmentation and other tools to test the efficacy of media campaigns.

Image of Sage Orville Shea, Digital Content Strategist at Mt. Holyoke College

Alison West

Senior Web Developer

Alison West maintains the College website. She develops new functionality, troubleshoots current pages and keeps the site secure and accessible. She trains content editors and helps with any problems they may have. West loves shaping the website to showcase Mount Holyoke’s bold community.

Alison West