MHC Calendar of Events Policies & Procedures

Events posted to the MHC Calendar of Events must be sponsored by a college department or recognized student organization.

Event planners can decide whether or not their event is publicized on the general public calendar and/or the internal facing calendar.

Events hosted in campus venues that are reserved by Event Services will be posted to the Calendar when requested, during the event planning process.

Events hosted in other campus locations can be added to the MHC Calendar when an event planner sends the following information to  

  • Event Date
  • Start Time and End Time
  • Title of Event
  • Event Location
  • Event Description
  • Event URLs- links to department page, registration system, Facebook event, etc
  • Event Sponsor/s and Contact Information
  • Event Admission Fee (Free or Cost)
  • Images

Events can be posted to the MHC Calendar for events held within the Five College system when it meets the following qualifications:     

  • The event is co-sponsored by an MHC Academic Department, The College, or a Recognized Student organization and the host institution
  • The event features an MHC Faculty member
  • The event is part of a Five College Certificate Program and/or Department
  • The event is free and open to the public