Events Calendar Policies and Procedures

Effective September 2006 Mount Holyoke College (MHC) released a new events calendar that provides a centralized location to view the College's public events. On August 27, 2007, an updated version of the MHC Events Calendar was put into production that matches the look of the Mount Holyoke College Web site.

An upgrade took place in January of 2011 which provides a number of new enhancements and options that will make it even easier to search and fnid public events happening on campus:

What's Changed with the upgrade?

  • The MHC Events Calendar has been redesigned to take advantage of new web development technology that creates a richer, more robust user platform. 
  • Increased use of pop-ups and tool-tips through the calendar minimizes page reloads to provide faster, seamless access to event information.
  • The Search Feature includes event types as well as categories of calendars (calendar views).  The calendar views are available from within each page eliminating the need to go back to the main calendar page to search for events or view another calendar.
  • When using the "List View" you now have the option of grouping the list of events by event date, by location, or by calendar view.
  • Bookmarks have been impacted with the upgrade, and will need to be updated in your browser.
  • Current RSS feeds have been impacted with the upgrade.  If you currently have an RSS feed, please reset the RSS feed option.
  • Social Networking Features (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) are now available in the detail of an event.
  • Users have the option to subscribe to an iCalendar feed when subscribing to a calendar.  This will export events from the MHC Events Calendar into a personal calendar (e.g. Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook.)

The home page of the MHC Events Calendar shows Featured Events as well as the events of the current day. Users may choose to view all events at once, select one of the Calendar Views to see a category of events, or search the calendar for specific events. There are also links to related Web sites.

For more information about the MHC Events Calendar, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below.

For information about submitting an event to the calendar, see Advertise Your Event.

We invite questions and feedback and all are welcome. Please send questions, comments, and any issues you encounter via email to


1. What is the MHC Events Calendar?
The MHC Events Calendar offers a comprehensive listing of public campus events, with detailed information about each event. It is populated nightly with events that have been scheduled into reservable campus space through the College's event management software known as EMS. It is also populated directly (immediately) by event calendar managers who are authorized to post events taking place in private spaces.

2. What are some of the benefits of the MHC Events Calendar?

  • Improves communication and enhances the sense of community via a centralized source of event information
  • Supports a number of separate calendar views and links for various departments and areas of interest
  • Calendar views can be selected individually or all events may be viewed at once.
  • Is accessible via the web from both on- and off-campus
  • Serves as a focal point for all event and event-related information
  • Users can subscribe to calendars or specific events and receive email reminders and change notifications (more below)

3. What types of events are posted on the MHC Events Calendar?
A broad spectrum of public events are included, ranging anywhere from faculty lectures, to readings by well-known authors, to events sponsored by student organizations. Please keep in mind that some events, such as tentative and private events, will not be posted.

4. Why are event titles in different colors?
By default events titles show up in blue, but other events that are special dates, are shown in different colors to differentiate their purpose.

  • Events titles shown in red are College holidays and are shown on every calendar no matter what view you select.
  • Events titles shown in green are Academic Calendar entries and are shown just on the Academic calendar and when viewing all events.
  • Events titles shown in lavender are religious holidays and are just shown on the Religious Life calendar and when viewing all events.

Also, events with a red, right-facing arrow after the time indicate that that event spans into the next day.

5. What browsers are supported?
This MHC Events Calendar is supported on these major browsers for both PC's and Mac's:

  • PC
    Firefox 2.x and 3.x
    Internet Explorer 7.x and 8.x
    Safari 4.x and 5.x
    Chrome 7.x and 8.x
  • Mac
    Firefox 2.x and 3.x
    Safari 4.x and 5.x
    Chrome 7.x and 8.x

Other browsers may work, but they aren't supported at this time.

6. What are the Day, Week, Month, Year tabs?
These tabs allow you to change the format of how events are shown. The default is the Month tab except for events shown on the Featured Events calendar, which defaults to the Year tab.

7. What are the List View and Grid View links?
The List View shows a listing of events for a calendar(s) sequentially on the page. For example the Featured Events calendar view defaults to List View.

The Grid View shows events in monthly (the default) calendar format. All calendar views except Featured Events are shown in Grid View.

8. How do I navigate back to the main MHC Events Calendar page?

From any Calendar View, click “MHC Events Calendar home page” just below the black menu bar on the page within the calendar view.

9. How can I search the MHC Events Calendar?
From the MHC Events Calendar home page, click “Search Events Calendar.” This allows you to search across multiple calendar views with a few more options for searching. The search result will display below the search criteria and then you can navigate to that event by clicking on it.

If you are in a calendar view, you can click Search in the black menu bar. You can also do a keyword search on the page by entering it in the Keyword field and clicking the Go button, which will find events with that keyword in the title or in the description. To remove the filter applied by the keyword search, you need to remove the value in the Keyword field and click the Go button.

Events are categorized into General Events and Special Dates. A General Event is an event with a specific time and location. A Special Date is a college holiday, religious holiday, or Academic Calendar entry. Doing an advanced search on the General Events will allow you to navigate to the specific event returned in the search result by clicking on the Event Title for that event. When searching Special Dates, the title is listed, but you can't navigate to it as there is no description.

10. What kind of features does the MHC Events Calendar offer?

Printing and emailing an event to someone are standard, commonly known features. Less well-known features worth noting are listed below.

  • Reminders
    If you're interested in receiving an email reminder about an event, click to see the details of that specific event and then click on the Remind me link on the right. The reminder can be set to a preset time before the events starts, ranging from 15 minutes to 2 weeks.
  • Calendar Subscriptions
    You can subscribe to a calendar view and receive email notification if events are added, modified, or deleted from a calendar view. You receive a digest of the changes around 6:00 a.m. each day. To subscribe, navigate to a calendar view (e.g., Health & Wellness) and click on the Subscribe link on the upper right. You can then subscribe to one or more calendars and then choose to receive notifications for new events, event changes/cancellations, or both.
  • Add to Personal Calendar
    The MHC Events Calendar supports adding events to a personal calendar (e.g., Apple's iCal, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook) by supporting the iCalendar standard for calendar data exchange.
  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
    RSS feeds have been set up for each calendar view (e.g., Featured Events) and each can be subscribed to where desired. Keep in mind that only these browsers support RSS (e.g., Firefox, Internet Explorer 7.X, Netscape, Safari) at this time.
  • Social Networking Features (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) are now available in the detail of an event

11. Has the process changed to request reservable campus space?
No. The majority of campus space continues to be reserved by Conference & Event Services.

12. What information do I need to provide the Conference & Event Services Coordinator if I want my event to appear on the MHC Event Calendar?

  • Event Date
  • Start Time and End Time
  • Title of Event
  • Event Location
  • Event Description
  • Event URL (if associated with the event)
  • Event Admission Fee (Free or Cost)

Additional details regarding service requests, media needs, set ups etc. can come later (minimum three weeks advance notice).

Questions about events that are using reservable campus space can be directed to Events Services.

13. Are there any known problems or issues with the MHC Events Calendar?
Yes, a minor one.

Some events will display more than once when viewing all calendars or calendars in which the same event is listed, because we have tried to cross-reference events that fit in multiple categories.