RoomViewer FAQ

RoomViewer FAQ

Why was the RoomViewer website created?

The RoomViewer website was initially created to give specific campus planners a central location to view a comprehensive list of scheduled events on campus regardless of their tentative or confirmed status; and to help departments plan future events. It is also a convenient tool to display room pictures, set up type, capacity and room features.

What types of events are listed on the RoomViewer Website?

All reservations made through EMS are listed in “Search Events”. Please note that regularly scheduled academic classes are not scheduled through EMS, and therefore do not appear on this website.

What is EMS?

Event Management System (EMS) is the software used by Conference & Event Services and other departments to schedule space on campus for co-curricular events.

What is a status and where will I see it?

Reservations are assigned a status when they are reserved. Statuses determine whether a reservation is tentative, private, confirmed, needs details, public (therefore posted on Events Calendar), etc.

The status of an event is found under the “Search Reservable Space” in the toolbar. Once you search a location and see the grid, if you position your mouse over one of the reservations you will see the status in the tool tip. Please note that tentative events will become defined as details become clear.

What is the tool tip?

The tool tip is the box that will appear when you position your mouse over a reservation in the grid. It provides more information about the reservation, including its status.

Can anyone have access to RoomViewer?

Anyone accessing RoomViewer from a campus computer can view pictures and room information. Events in RoomViewer are only viewable to specific planners that have been given a RoomViewer login. They may see information that is confidential, private, or tentative. This information is privileged and is for planning purposes only. It should not be shared.

If a room appears available, what is the next step?

Contact Conference & Event Services via the Campus Space Request Form. Never assume a space is available until you have made your reservation. Since requests are received throughout the day, what appears available today may not be tomorrow.

How Can I be sure that other events won’t compete with mine (same day & time)?

You can do your best to choose the best possible day/time for your event at the time of you request space but keep in mind that other events may be added to other venues as requests are made.

Has the process changed to request reservable space?

No. The majority of campus space continues to be reserved by the Conference & Event Services Coordinator for co-curricular events. Contact the Registrar’s Office for academic class scheduling only (those listed in my.mtholyoke).

What browsers are supported?

This MHC Events Calendar and the RoomViewer are supported on these major browsers for both PC's and Mac's:
• Firefox 1.x
• Internet Explorer 6.x
• Netscape 8.x
• Firefox 1.x
• Safari 1.x
Other browsers make work, but they aren't supported at this time.

How is RoomViewer different from the online MHC Events Calendar?

RoomViewer was designed for planners to have an inside look at all scheduled events. The MHC Events Calendar posts public events only.

Where can I find the MHC Events Calendar? or use the “Calendar” link located on the MHC home page.