Campus Space Request Form FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of the Campus Space Request Form is to streamline the process for requesting campus space for events at Mount Holyoke College.

1. Who can use this form?
Any Mount Holyoke department or registered student organization representative who is planning a meeting or event at Mount Holyoke College that meet the set deadlines. Those who are not affiliated with a Mount Holyoke department or student organization should contact Conference and Event Services or call 413-538-2333.

2. What browsers are supported?
This Campus Space Request Form is supported on these major browsers for both PC's and Mac's:

  • PC
    Firefox 2.x
    Internet Explorer 7.x
  • Mac
    Firefox 2.x
    Safari 3.x

Other browsers may work, but they aren't supported at this time.

3. What is considered an event?
Anything that is not a regularly scheduled academic class, such as a public concert or lecture, is considered an event. This includes film screenings, tutoring sessions, meetings, and anything that is not scheduled through my.mtholyoke.

4. What is a private event?
An event that is open to invited guests only and will not be publicized in any way is a private event. Examples include department or student org meetings, film screenings related to a class, or a private reception for invited guests.

5. What is a public event?
Any event that will be publicized in any way (flyer, calendar posting, etc.) is considered a public event. Examples include a public concert, theatrical performance, or lecture open to the Mount Holyoke community and/or the general public.

6. What is considered a business day?
A business day is any day that Conference and Event Services is open for business- Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Forms submitted after 5:00 p.m. fall on the next business day.

7. According to the criteria outlined in the instructions, I cannot use this form. Why?
Conference and Event Services needs enough lead time to process your request along with all of the other requests for space. If your event is less than 2 business days in advance, we may not be able to process your request in time. Please call 413-538-2153 to see if it is still possible to make a reservation at this late date.

All events must be sponsored by a campus department or registered student organization. Those not directly affiliated with the college should email Conference and Event Services or call 413-538-2333 for more information.

8. When I submitted my form, I got a message warning me that event services may not be available. What does that mean?
Conference and Event Services needs enough lead time to process your request and secure the necessary services for your event. These services include heating/air conditioning, building and room access, media services, room set-up/clean-up, equipment delivery, and calendar postings. If your event is less than 14 days from now, we may not be able to provide the services you will need. We will start a dialogue with you about the options when we reply with your reservation confirmation.

9. I don’t see the location that I want to reserve. What should I do?
This form should be used to request any of the spaces that are reserved by Conference and Event Services. If you do not see a location in the drop-down menu, it is not reserved by Conference and Event Services. Please refer to the Campus Space Inventory for the contact information of the department that reserves the location you need.

10. Should I ever contact the Registrar to reserve a classroom for my event?
The Registrar reserves classroom spaces for regularly scheduled academic classes only. If you need to use a classroom for anything other than a scheduled academic class- such as a film screening, tutoring session, meeting or lecture- you should make your request with Conference and Event Services.

11. How do I request services for my event?
Once you receive the email confirmation, you should begin a dialogue with Conference and Event Services about your service needs. Contact Conference and Event Services by email or call 413-538-2153.

12. Can I still request space by phone or email?
The purpose of the Campus Space Request Form is to streamline the process for requesting campus space for events. As the College has seen the number and complexity of events grow, so has the demand on the resources of Conference and Event Services. Using this form to make your request will ensure that we respond to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. Requests made by phone or email may end up at the back of the queue.