Summer Conferences 2017

These conferences and programs will be hosted on the Mount Holyoke College campus over the summer of 2017.  Listed first are the programs offered by the College, and then additional programming is listed in chronological order of arrival on campus.

Please contact the conferences/programs directly for more information about their registration process and program content.

Mount Holyoke College Summer Courses

Mount Holyoke College offers summer programs for middle, high school and college students, graduates, professionals and other community members seeking academic credit, professional development and personal enrichment.  Programs are listed below, with links for more information. Questions? Please contact

Summer courses for credit and professional development

May 30- July 7 and July 10 - August 11, 2017 (Two academic terms)

Enjoy Mount Holyoke's beautiful campus this summer with science labs and  courses in art, computer science, education, philosophy, social entrepreneurship, TESOL Certificate, and more!

Earn credit from wherever you will be this summer by choosing from online courses in subject areas such as education, film, psychology, sociology, statistics, writing, and more!

Restoration Ecology Summer Scholars Program

High School   June 26-30, 2017   9 am – 4 pm

A summer educational program designed to introduce high school girls to the growing field of ecological restoration.

iDesign Workshops  for Middle and High School Girls

Middle School - June 26-30 / High School - August 21-25, 2017

Create your own wearable and interactive tech gear while learning the basics of electronics, coding and design!

iDesign for Educators

For teachers of science, art, computer tech and more!

July 10-14, 2017   9 am - 3 pm

Discover the power of creative tech in your classroom and curriculum!

Introduction to Web Development

High School Girls August 7-18, 2017

Build a website and learn to code with JavaScript, HTML and CSS! (In collaboration with Girls Who Code)

Gordon Research Conferences

June 3 – August 11
401-783-4011 (x105)

The Gordon Research Conferences promote discussion and the free exchange of ideas at the research frontiers of the biological, chemical, and physical sciences. Scientists with common profession interests come together for a full week of intense discussion and examination of the most advanced aspects of their field. These conferences provide a valuable means of disseminating information and ideas in a way that cannot be achieved through the usual channels of communication – publications and presentations at large scientific meetings.

Girls Leadership

Session One: June 24- July 8 (15 day, 14 night program)

  • Entering Grade 6
  • Entering Grade 7
  • Entering Grade 8

Session Two: July 11- July 20 (10 day, 9 night program)

  • Entering Grade 6
  • Entering Grade 7
  • Entering Grade 8

Session Two: July 23 - August 6  (15 day, 14 night program)

  • Entering Grade 9
  • Entering Grade 10, 11 or 12 — First time at Girls Leadership for Life -- For GL alumni entering grades 10 – 12

Girls Leadership summer camp. This is the place where you can be real.  At GL, you live in a dorm with roommates and spend your days in fun self-discovery workshops, playing wild theatre games, sharing stories in small groups, making films, playing sports, and enjoying evening activities like extreme scavenger hunt or mask making. Every three days, there’s a field trip to a high ropes course, lakeside, or arts event. Girls come away from GL with the confidence to be themselves and build lasting friendships. GL helps you gain skills to face the challenges life throws your way.

Nike Field Hockey Camp

June 25 – July 28
Andrea Whitcomb, Field Hockey Coach

Nike/Mount Holyoke Field Hockey camp is an opportunity for players to train and participate in tournament play on the Lyon's beautiful, newly constructed home turf field. Campers train individually in all of the major fundamental areas of the game: hitting, 1 v 1 elimination skills, passing, scoring and defensive skills as well as offensive and defensive corner play. Goalkeepers are also supervised by a goalkeeping coach. Players are grouped appropriately by age and ability. Teams train and compete together in games and practice. Each player receives a post-camp evaluation by camp director and staff and each camper goes home with an official camp jersey as well as ball. Our goal is to stimulate a love for the game of field hockey by showing young athletes how to accelerate their own progress and success.


June 25 – July 23

MathPath is an advanced summer program for students age 11-13, who show a high promise and love of mathematics. MathPath offers students of middle school age who are extremely talented in mathematics the summer opportunity to learn and develop at a pace and to a depth that matches their abilities while also providing them the rich social and recreational experience of a residential summer program.

ARIA International Summer Academy Advanced Music Studies

  • Session I: June 29 - July 10
  • Session II: July 12 - July 23
  • Session II: July 25 - August 5

ARIA International Summer Academy is now in its 35th season, and will offer 10-day intensive "boot camp" sessions for music students aged 16 to 28 . The sessions will provide the students with an in-depth study of their instrument through private lessons, master classes, workshops, and lectures.

MHC Girls' Basketball Camps

Girls’ Basketball Camp June 26- 29

Michelle Scecina, Basketball Coach
413-538-2850 or Email

Mount Holyoke Athletics Department will be offering a day basketball camp for girls entering second through ninth grade. The camp will focus on developing solid fundamental basketball skills in regard to individual and team concepts. A winning attitude and a positive approach to the game will be stressed. The camp will be under the direction of Mount Holyoke College's own Basketball Coach, Michelle Scecina.

Mathematics Leadership Programs- Summer Institutes

Math Leadership

Sessions open at 8:30 AM on Mondays and close at 12:30 PM on Fridays.

July 10-14     Developing Mathematical Ideas: Building a System of Tens: Calculating with Whole Numbers and Decimals

July 17-21     Developing Mathematical Ideas: Making Meaning for Operations: In the Domains of Whole Numbers and Fractions

Professional Development for Mathematics Coaching 

Educational Leadership II: Facilitating Professional Learning

Mathematics Leadership Programs (MLP) offers a variety of week-long summer institutes for K-8 teachers, math coaches, and others interested in the learning and teaching of mathematics.

Master of Arts in Mathematics Teaching (MAMT) is a coed balanced program designed for working professionals who wish to pursue an advanced degree while continuing their work with students and teachers. Course assignments have immediate application in school settings and support the work of teachers, coaches, and instructional specialists. Our blended program offers the option of traveling to Mount Holyoke College to attend the summer sessions or attending them through our virtual learning environment. Academic year coursework is done online.

NEH Summer Seminar for Teachers on Existentialism

July 16 – August 4

Tom Wartenberg, Director, 413-538-2249

Existentialism, though an important philosophical movement in the twentieth century, remains influential to this day. This seminar will acquaint school teachers with the basic philosophical ideas of Existentialist philosophy by introducing them to the writings of such thinkers as Søren Kierkegaard, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Martin Heidegger, Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Albert Camus, and Franz Fanon. In addition to philosophical treatises, readings will also be drawn from novels, and films will be shown. The Existentialists are known for their emphasis on the actual lived experience of human beings and their attempt to show that there are more authentic possibilities for living than those chosen by most people. The seminar will explore how the Existentialists argue for this view of life and assess its validity both historically and for our contemporary society. The seminar is open to both full- and part-time school teachers and will take place from June 26, 2016 until July 29, 2016. Two spaces are reserved for graduate students intending to pursue a career in K-12 education. The seminar will take place on the campus of Mount Holyoke College.

US Gymnastics Training Centers

  • Session I: July 23 – July 29
  • Session II: July 30 – August 5

Michael Jacobson, 561-743-8550

The US gymnastics training program is designed so that each gymnast, no matter what level, gets the maximum help with all Olympic events. The goal is to create a positive, fun, and exciting experience that will be remembered for the rest of his or her life. Activities include classes, open workouts, routine evaluation and instruction, contests and awards, as well as a variety of social and recreational events.

Summer Intercultural Girl's Soccer Camp

August 7 - 10
Kanae Haneishi, Head Soccer Coach at Mount Holyoke College
413-538-2112 or Email

Mount Holyoke College Soccer hosts an intercultural summer soccer camp for girls entering grade 4 (age 10) to high school seniors. Campers will be divided into small groups based on age and ability. The camp is a 4-day day camp from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (lunch will be provided). Fundamental soccer skills and game tactics will be trained by highly qualified college coaches and players. In addition, there will be an intercultural activity with campers from Japan after every lunch (i.e. chopstick game, yoga for socccer, origami and name in Japanese).

Arabic Music Retreat

August 12 – August 19
Kay Campbell, 617-512-8122

The Arabic Music Retreat, led by Simon Shaheen of the New York-based Near Eastern Music Ensemble and Dr. Jihad Racy of UCLA, provides intensive studies in Arab music history, theory, and performance. Participants from throughout the United States have come to Mount Holyoke College to take part in this six-day musical event.