Toolkit and FAQ

Events 101

A helpful how-to guide.

Event Planning Checklist for On-Campus Events

This checklist provides a timeline and helpful resources when planning an event.

Bake Sale/International Food Fair/Festival Policy

The Bake Sale/International Food Fair/Festival Policy links to the Five College Risk Management department's policy on food service at campus events.

Campus Space Request Form FAQ

The Campus Space Request Form FAQ provides frequently asked questions about requesting campus space using the Campus Space Request form.

Events Calendar Policies and Procedures

See Events Calendar Policies and Procedures for more information about the MHC Events Calendar.

Events Management Policy

Manual for the Use of Campus Space

The 2019 Campus Facilities Use Manual provides detailed policies and procedures for use of space at Mount Holyoke College.

Policy Regarding the Use of Off-Campus Caterers

Mount Holyoke's Dining Services, Blanchard Cafe, and Willits-Hallowell Center are the primary providers for catering on campus events.  However, there are instances when off-campus caterers can be used for your event.  Please read the Policy for Off-Campus Caterers for the full detail.